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Mmusi Maimane among patrons robbed at Cape Town bar

By Robin-Lee Francke | IOL News |

One SA leader and former DA leader Mmusi Maimaine was among a number of bar patrons robbed by armed men who stormed a bar in Cape Town on Wednesday.

Media reports claim Maimane was recovering from the traumatic experience of coming face-to-face with the three gunmen.

According to Eyewitness News, Maimane said the gunmen demanded that all the patrons in the bar should lie on the floor before they started robbing them one by one.

He described the incident as “surreal” and like “something out of a movie”.

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Maimaine said he was at the bar to host his brother-in-law when the crime took place.

“Three gunmen came into the store. They put everybody down and went table to table and collected items from various tables and held up the management,” he told the publication.

Fortunately, police and private security acted swiftly and responded to the scene within minutes.

He said patrons at the restaurant were traumatised and everyone affected had to give police statements.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

The items stolen were left alongside the road as the suspects were chased, Maimane explained.

Known for being vocal about all social issues plaguing South Africa, Maimane said while he was glad there were no injuries during this crime, this incident was a stark reminder of the high level of crime plaguing South Africa and the urgent need for action in addressing it.