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Teenager (15) sleeps in goat pen after being raped by man aged 27

A 15-year-old Form 2 student at Mutumba Secondary School in Madziwa says she slept in a goat pen after feeling embarrassed after being allegedly raped by a 27 year old man Albert Gutsa of Chilimbira Village.

Gutsa has since been arrested and medical examinations have been conducted on the complainant.

According to the charge sheet, on the 19th of October 2021 Gutsa “unlawfully and knowingly” had sexual intercourse with a female Juvenile aged 15 years (name withheld) without her consent knowing that she had not consented to it or realising that there was a real risk or possibility that she might not have consented to it.

The complainant was underage and a form two student at Mutumba Secondary School in Madziwa.

“On the 19 day of October 2021 and at around 1630 hours the complainant was walking home from school when he met Reason Mukohwa who informed her that the accused intended to see her,” read the charge sheet.

“After a few minutes and before Reason Mukohwa had gone the accused arrived at where the complainant and Reason were talking. As the accused arrived Reason Mukchwa left, leaving behind the accused and the complainant.”

The report further states: “The accused proposed love to the complainant and his proposal was turned down culminating in the accused grabbing and dragging the complainant into a nearby bush.

“While in the bush the accused tripped the complainant who fell to the ground. The accused went on top of the complainant and in between her legs at the same time forcibly removing her pants. He then forcibly had sexual intercourse with her once without he consent.

“Feeling ashamed of what had happened, the complainant did not go home; she hid in a goat pen. The following day the parents started looking for the complainant as she had not returned home from school.

“A report was then made at ZRP Matawa. Complainant divulged what had happened and was referred to the hospital where she was examined by a Doctor and a Medical Report was issued which can be produced in court as evidence.

“Evidence in Court can be led from the complainant.”

Contacted for a comment Kufinya Learnmore of Takaindisa Law Chambers said:

“We have nothing much to reiterate on matters which are still pending before the Honourable Court. But, an accusation is not proof at all and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of the Law.

“In fact, we are for the truth no matter who tells it. We are for justice no matter who it is for or against because law without justice is a wound without cure,” Kufinya echoed.

“So let justice roll down like waters and righteousness as a mighty stream,” he said