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Zim celebrities are products of nonsense and shameful things: Chiwenga

Outspoken Harare based cleric Apostle Talent Chiwenga has claimed that some Zimbabwean socialites are rising to fame from using “pornographic language when they generate their videos” to get popularity.

In a video circulating on social media, Chiwenga lashed at some local celebrities whom he accuses of using shameful content to drive views.

Zimbabwe now has so many social media ‘celebrities’ who got famous after publishing controversial content.

Chiwenga also castigated social media users following the said celebrities for giving them unnecessary relevance.

“There are people who are getting followers because they use pornographic language when they generate their videos.

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“The sad thing is that those who are following them do so by saying ‘what you’re doing is not right. What kind of woman are you?’ And they think they are justified to watch those videos and try to rebuke this psychopath,” he lashed.

“How long have you been watching those videos?”

“By listening to those people, you encourage them to do more. Somebody went on social media as a nobody. In less than three months, he is now a social media socialite. There are celebrities in our society who are products of nonsense.

“Some of them are products of shameful things. They have become popular for shameful things. Now they are invited everywhere there is a wedding. You ask yourself, what made this man or this woman prominent. It’s shameful. Our society is now a very charged society.”

Chiwenga is well-known for castigating the Zanu-PF regime for causing economic problems in Zimbabwe.

He has also constantly criticised self proclaimed Zimbabwean prophets for deceiving people.