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Church group says govt ignoring recommendations by Auditor-General

By Staff Reporter | Nehanda Politics |

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government has been taken to task by a church grouping for ignoring recommendations from the Auditor-General Mildred Chiri.

Auditor General Mrs Mildred Chiri
Auditor General Mrs Mildred Chiri

Giving oral evidence before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Accounts on the Auditor General’s 2019 report, Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) secretary-general Blessing Makwara said the majority of the Zimbabweans were suffering from bad governance and service delivery issues as the government and local councils continued to ignore recommendations made by the AG Mildred Chiri.

“We are concerned as the church with the fact that governance and service delivery issues continue to dominate the Auditor General’s reports each year with numerous recommendations not being attended to,” Makwara said.

“26% of the recommendations for 2019 report were fully implemented whilst 25% were partially complied with but sadly 50% of the recommendations were not implemented.”

He urged Parliament to monitor and make sure that the recommendations raised in the AG’s report are implemented by government ministries, departments, state-owned companies, and the local councils.

“The state of public service today has become a concern that we felt as a church Parliament should consider that those recommendations are taken seriously.

Makwara said, the Happiness Index in the general population of Zimbabweans has declined owing to poor service delivery and also owing to limited access to basic public roads and services.

“If these issues remain unsolved, the ordinary living standards of the people of Zimbabwe continue to be on the decline,” Makwara told the committee.

“The government should take visible, appropriate action through the Finance Ministry. Compliance teams should be established. The church remains committed to walk with the state as we acknowledge among others, the establishment of the Internal Audit Unit and legislation that has been put in place,” Makwara added. Nehanda Radio