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Tanya Muzinda continues to shine

By Tadious Manyepo

Zimbabwe motocross star, Tanya Muzinda, is riding on the crest of a wave in Florida, United States, after she captured two podium finishes, over the weekend.

Tanya Muzinda’s journey of becoming a fully-fledged professional motocross rider in the United States is now in full motion.
Tanya Muzinda’s journey of becoming a fully-fledged professional motocross rider in the United States is now in full motion.

Her latest success came in the eighth round of the Bartow Championship Series.

Muzinda relocated to the United States, in 2019, in her bid to race consistently with world-acclaimed riders.

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And, two weeks after another impressive showing in the 125cc class, the 16-year-old dirt bike rider once again gave a good account of herself. She bagged maximum points.

“A fast-paced race on Saturday night,” she said. “(I am) super excited to have collected (the) maximum points (and) bringing home two important wins.

“The Bartow Championships Series Round 8, as usual, was packed with spectators and riders enjoying the sunny day, and a cool night.”

Muzinda hit the finish line first in the two-stroke, Super Mini Class, where she raced with boys, before easing her way home, in the Women’s Class.

“(I) managed to get a comfortable lead as I came 1st in the boys’ 125cc/2stroke/SuperMini Class and capped the day with a fine finish with a 1st (place) in the Women’s Class.

“(I am already) looking forward to Round 9 as I take one step at a time. Good job to my team, well done.” Earlier this month, Muzinda, who is staying with her father, Tawanda, in the United States, also took part in the seventh round of the tough series.

She clocked two podium places.

She came out overall second, in the 125cc Class, before wrapping up first place in the Women’s Class.

Her move to the United States was engineered by her international manager, Stefy Bau of Italy, who is a former three-time world women’s motocross champion.

Muzinda got a major boost in July last year when she secured a sponsorship deal with a top American marketing company, Yen Euro Marketing INC. The sponsors have already bought her the latest motocross/Supercross Bike 125cc 2021. Motocross racing has just resumed in the United States, after it was frozen last year due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Muzinda is not completely new to the Florida environment as she was part of the field in the Thor Winter Olympics Supercross and Motocross Championships in 2018.

This is the first time that Muzinda is racing in the 125cc Class. The Herald