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Sulu ends album drought

ByTrust Khosa

Suluman Chimbetu’s camp insists their album drought will come to end on December 5, ending months of speculation.

Sulumani Chimbetu
Sulumani Chimbetu

The 38-year-old, who kept fans guessing for close to four years, said there was no need to rush to release his forth-coming seventh studio album titled Entanglement.

He has two more DVD albums.

But it is his forth-coming album Entanglement, which according to the English dictionary, means a complicated or comprising relationship or situation.

And Sulu being human as well – according to his camp – he was not spared by challenges and situations which almost stalled his progress.

This year alone, the Covid-19 pandemic, which left the majority of artistes entangled, is one of them.

Speaking through his manager Carlton Muparutsa who also doubles as the drummer, he assured fans that the album will usher fans into the festive season.

“We are going to release our album named Entanglement which means a complicated situation or relationship.

“This year alone, the Covid-19 pandemic was one of the complicated situations we experienced but we kept on recording music and holding shows.

“In short, the album title was inspired by the situations we faced in the past and now,” said Muparutsa.

The manager also assured fans that Sulu will also release two videos on December 5 with visuals to the single Bvuma Kusara already out.

“The album carries ten tracks and two videos. It is going to be an online launch with at least 50 guests expected to be part of the event.

“We are going to strictly adhere to the Covid-19 restrictions and make sure that we give our stakeholders a different feel while fans will also catch the action from their gadgets,” he said.

Suluman’s camp also laughed off reports that the crooner might have been in panic mode.

This theory came up after Sulu’s uncle and former paymaster Allan Chimbetu released a well-knit 10-track track album titled Urgent Matter last week.

The launch was screened on ZBC last Saturday, thanks to Fasfit Matlock.

Responding to such claims, Muparutsa said all was well in their camp and they were focused as ever.
“These are just theories and rumours that we are now tired of.

“Most of the times, we just laugh at people who want to cause rifts and unnecessary fights.

“We are in good books with Allan and we have congratulated him,” he said.

Quizzed why they finally announced the date of their album launch at a time Allan was making a huge comeback, he added:

“When Allan announced that he will be launching his album on November 14, we had already made a resolution that we will launch ours on December 5.

“It’s only that we did not go public but we had already sealed the date.

“We are not panicking at but we are just following a roadmap that we put in place as a management and we won’t change it.

“Of course we took four years before releasing an album but in July that’s when we perfected song that were already there to come up with this project.”

Sulu said they were ready for the festive seasoned even though public shows still remain banned.

“We will try to engage fans as much as we can online and we are just waiting for the ban on public gatherings to be lifted.

“We also hope this album will shake the market and compensate for the time we have been starving them of new albums as claimed by many.

“However, there was no need to flood the market with half-baked stuff and that is why we decided to come up with this album.

“It’s an album that we hope will hold it’s on once released,” he said.

Besides Entanglement, Sulu boasts of other six studio albums namely Ndomusiya Nani released in 2007.

In the year 2008, the released Reverse, which was followed by Non Stop (2010), Syllabus (2012), Gunship (2014) and Jamboree in 2016.

Sulu has two DVDs for Ndomusiya Nani and Syllabus, which makes his discography complete. HMetro.