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I cherish my dad’s teachings- Sulu

By Trust Khosa

Suluman Chimbetu says he sympathises with fellow artistes who áre literally “dying” for opportunities to perform on Covid-19 lockdown.

Simon “Chopper” Chimbetu
Simon “Chopper” Chimbetu

Most of the artistes have lost their sources of income as they relied on live shows.

They are still reminiscing on the good old days they used to pack pubs and beerhalls to rafters but the ban on public gatherings has left them stranded.

Being a youth icon with fellow artistes at heart, Sulu said he would do his best to create opportunities for them on lockdown.

He said the only way he would assist his fellows on Covid-19 lockdown was allocating slots to them during the forth-coming Simon “Chopper” Chimbetu commemoration gigs to be held online.

Chopper died on August 14 2005 and was declared a provincial hero.

And 15 years after his death, his music is still as wonderful as ever with the crop of young artistes doing renditions of the Chopper’s all-time classics.

However, this year’s commemorations would not go on as Sulu and Dendera fans had wished.

This is because of the Covid-19 pandemic which has claimed thousands and infected millions world over.

“Over the years, I used to celebrate my father’s legacy through high profile tribute shows but the situation is no longer permitting us to do so.

“However, the month of August won’t go unnoticed and we will find a way to celebrate Chopper’s legacy via online shows.

“My management team has since stepped efforts to ensure that we remember the late Chopper Chimbetu in a unique way.

“We therefore call upon all partners who want to come on board to ensure that we remember our hero in a unique way,” he said.

Sulu, who like his father has been uplifting young talent as well as us helping the needy, has vowed to give artistes slots during the commemorations.

“By the way, we have a number of artistes who have no capacity to organise online shows on lockdown on their own and those who had missed such opportunities.

“I will definitely assist them by giving them slots so that they also interact with their fans.

“A series of shows will stretch for the greater of August but we will be guided by what the President says regarding the lockdown precautious,” he said.

In his own capacity, Sulu said he would also update fans on the legacy his fans left through video promotions to be shared online.

“I am always in constant touch with my fans and I will do my best to ensure that I also honour him.

“I have since recorded some singles that I will be dropping ahead of the commemorations.”

Sulu, who is no doubt the heir to the Chimbetu throne, said his father taught him life.

“My father taught me survival skills when he was still alive and I am beginning to implement some of the tricks that he taught me when he was still alive.

“I have now realised that he wanted me to man up when he was teaching me real life and I will be forever grateful having a father life him who was a family man,” he said.

Sulu, who became a breadwinner in the family at a young age, said he was only trying his best to keep the family intact.

“On the issue of bringing the family together and fending for them, I wouldn’t say I have been able to do that beyond expectations but I am only trying.

“I always do the best I can and I wouldn’t want to say that I am the best in looking after the family.

“Rather, I would my family to say testify on their own and not for me to do self-praising,” he said.

Family wise, Sulu said Chopper taught him to be a responsible father who is not ashamed to perform “dirty” work for the sake of his family.

“When it comes to family, I always do my best so that they don’t starve or beg for food.

“Like I said earlier on, survival tips I learnt from my father have taught me to think outside the box and that is how I am managing,” he said.

As the countdown to the Chopper commemorations gathers momentum, Sulu said he was also focusing on producing stuff that old and new Dendera fans would always cherish.

“Musically, I am not stopping and I think I have grown to be my own man.

“Of course I still do Dendera started by father but I can safely say that I have managed to create my own brand.

“It’s not like I am now branching away from the Dendera beat they start but we are simply improvising so that we don’t get stuck in the past,” he said.

To date, Sulu has released a number of albums namely Ndomusiya Nani, Ndimusiya Nani DVD, Reverse Deal, Syllabus, Gunship, Jamboree among a number of singles. H-Metro