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Letter from America with Kenneth Mufuka: Why my bet is on Trump winning 2020 election!

By Kenneth Mufuka

The publisher of Nehanda Radio.com, Lance Guma, asked me if US President Donald Trump has a chance of being reelected. Lance, like most of the world, get their news from the US Cable news Network and the New York Times. Those news media networks have been successfully debunked as the purveyors of fake news and part of the deep state which perpetuates a global outlook at the expense of ordinary Americans.

Ken Mufuka
Ken Mufuka

My bet is on Donald Trump being re-elected.

Before you the reader, starts cursing me out as having sold out, I will remind you that on June 2, 2016, I made a similar diagnosis with my former editor at the Financial Gazette. I was right.

The vision thing

Since the civil rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King and the momentous civil rights legislation sponsored by President Lyndon Johnson, Democrats have been generally sympathetic to the man in the street. Add to this minorities, blacks, Asians and immigrants.

To the above minorities, democrats added or created minority groups, such as abortionists on demand, lesbians and gays, queers, Islamists and atheists into their portfolio. Encompassing this portfolio is a global outlook.

In an attempt to help the world become a friendly place, so they argued, President Bill Clinton (1994) signed the Nafta (a global trade agreement) which opened the American market to cheap goods from China.

Today, 80 percent of American medicines are made in China, Chinese dog food manufacturers import US wheat products, make dog food and sell it back to the US. Chinese steel has played havoc with the giant American Steel in Pittsburgh while emphasis on climate change has been used to regulate American coal mine-belt out of business.

Democratic leadership has turned out to be masters of Obamaspeak.

Obamaspeak is a euphemism for a career politician who has mastered the art of saying whatever pleases his audience, changing his positions as he moves from state to state, hugging and kissing babies and leaving a euphoric feeling in the audience. After he leaves his audience, one finds that no policy proposals have been made and the citizen remains worse off than before.

Here is an example. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi swears by Covid science. Everybody must wear a mask. California salons have been closed since April 1st. One businessman has been fined $28 000.

Pelosi asked her hair stylist Erica Kious to open just for her. Pelosi did not wear a mask.
When Pelosi was challenged, based on hidden camera that had recorded her shenanigans, she was very angry and threatened Ms Kious. Ms Kious is now faced with the possibility of losing her license. Nothing happened to Pelosi.

Mayor of Chicago, Ms Loftis and her gay partner, are in a similar situation. She has been having her hair done (and her gay partner’s as well). She has supported Black Lives Matter protests. But she has placed a police cordon in her street to prevent demonstrators ever disturbing her peace.

A CNN reporter famously reported the demonstrations in Portland, Oregon. “While it s flaming behind me, (fires of stores burning), the peaceful protests are carrying on.” The mayor of Portland had asked the police to “stand down.” His argument was that it was better to let properties be burned rather than to shoot protesters.

That, we agree is being caught between the horns of a dilemma.

But to the owner of a 107 year old family establishment that was burned down, the whole purpose of a police force in a capitalist country is to defend property, not the lives of rioters.

In another incident, 38 year police veteran Brother David Drake was shot by rioters who filmed their own shenanigans. His grandson saw the incident on television, not realizing that it was his grandfather who was shot dead. His white wife, Ms Anne made a moving testimony to the madness that is gripping America.

The liberal news media paid her no mind.

As I speak, the evangelical pastors led by Dr. Richard Land, President of the Southern Baptist seminary, are meeting President Trump in North Carolina.

Their argument is along these lines. Hair salons, certain mom and pop businesses have been closed along with churches, which in California have been designated “non-essential entertainment establishments.”

Beer parlors are open and so are the big conglomerates like WalMart, Home Depot Building Supply Stores. California evangelical pastors have tried to break the curfew by worshipping outside their churches. The Herodians have forbidden them to sing God’s songs.

One pastor was thrown in a jailhouse when one thousand people, who had missed the fellowship turned out. There is also intolerance about the new Progressives.

New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo hates Trump so much, he uttered a vile threat yesterday. “He (Trump) can’t come back to new York. He can’t. He is going to walk down the street in New York? Forget the bodyguard, he better have an army if he thinks he is going to walk down the street in New York.”

The message of the Progressives is that anybody associated with Trump will not be allowed to breathe or enjoy life.

Cuomo is not the only one.

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters) hated Trump from the beginning. First, when electoral results came out in November 2016, Waters suggested that the electoral college be delayed and that delegates be “unbound” so that they could vote their conscience and ignore the rules.

This would have been a coup.

When this failed, Waters suggested that Trump be impeached. “I don’t care. Find something. I don’t like that man.”

For three years, the New York Times has been selling the American people a hoax that Trump was a Russian operative.

Maxine went further. Anybody who supports Trump (63 million voters) must be shown no mercy. Please readers, I am not making this up. “Let us make sure (25 June 2018) we show up wherever we have to show up. If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

When President Trump’s press secretary turned up at the Red Inn restaurant, she, her husband and children thought they were out of Washington for a breather.

It was not to be.

The owner took them aside and explained. “This restaurant has certain standards that I feel it has to uphold, such as honesty and compassion and cooperation. I want you to leave.” Ms Sanders had paid for her dinner in advance over the phone.

The Progressives have their ways. Some things rub them the wrong way. Former President Barack Obama called the Christmas tree a “Holiday tree.” He felt that that calling it a Christmas tree would offend somebody. Many progressive cities have removed Christmas lights and the Bethlehem manger in order to please atheists.

Black Lives Matter

Just yesterday, 18 year old Brother Deon Kay was shot dead in Washington, DC. Police say they were responding to a call by residents about two youths brandishing weapons. The question arises; if Deon was running away, the raison d’etre that he was a threat to police lives does not hold.

I asked my class in African-American history to write about a “Black Experience.” Black students wrote about horrendous experiences in shops. Shop assistants either follow them with piercing eyes expecting them to steal something.

At the slightest disagreement, cops are called in. White students were at peace with the police. “They are only doing their job,” was the common refrain. Sure, the majority white people want justice for blacks. After all they voted for Barack Obama twice. Oh, there is one more item. Black Bishop Aubrey Shines has been meeting with Conservative Clergy of Color.

Yes, they want justice for blacks. But they argue that lasting progress comes in measured steps rather than in God-less mayhem. They say that a cohesive, religious and God-fearing family life cannot fail to accomplish material and spiritual prosperity.

The issue here is what comes first, nice Obamaspeak while jobs are outsourced to China, or steady employment to hard working Americans. These conservatives of color seem to suggest that Trump will double his black vote. If he does, Democratic stranglehold on black votes will have been eviscerated.

My argument, as before, is that Democrat Joe Biden has been whitewashed as an elite, 50 years in Washington. He is accused of being an empty suit. He will say anything, kiss anybody, speak Obamaspeak, and when he leaves, the citizen will discover that his “stupid dirty coal job” has been sent to China.

In any case, as Cissie Graham (Billy Graham’s daughter) witnessed at the Republican Congress, Progressives are tolerant to everybody, illegal immigrants, drug addicts, abortionists, lesbians and gays, but show no such largesse to ordinary God fearing Americans.

A Progressive win will usher he world of Maxine Waters and Andrew Cuomo. The president of the US is challenged to walk safely in his own home town. Sarah Huckabee cannot eat out because she works for Trump. A professor who is foolish enough to express partiality towards Republicans will sure lose his job.

That is how the battle between Trump and the Progressives is being fought here.

Now, Big Brother Guma, if I am correct, I will come for my goat.

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