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Letter from America: Ukraine policies show the urgency of African Unity!

After you have examined the following facts laid down below, you must come to certain indisputable conclusions.

As we speak, the UK government has allowed any Ukrainian refugee who reaches the shores of Great Britain to stay and find employment without further delays. Any British family that can make a room for such a refugee will receive GBP350 per month. Other arrangements may be made for food and transport where necessary.

Our readers may remember that former UK prime minister Tony Blair, acting as leader of NATO and the European Union concocted fabrications about Muammar Gaddafi, leading to his murder and the destabilization of the Libyan state. The consequent flow of 3 million refugees from that region on makeshift boats into Italy and Spain (called the boat people) caused an anti-immigrant backlash in the UK. Brexit was blamed on the inability of the European Union to shut out this wave of black migration.

Today, the British government, which made no bones about their stance on black immigration, has adopted an open-door policy to white immigration from the Ukraine.

In the US, the Democrats and Republicans have come together in a bi-partisan approach to refugees from the Ukraine. The Temporary Right to Remain (TRR) policy allows any Ukrainian refugee to “remain” and work in the US. But there is more. Such a refugee can access all the social welfare benefits allowed poor citizens. In fact, the benefits are so generous that they are better off in the US than they were in their home country.

Housing Authority requirements allow a family of four (one girl child and one boy child) each to have separate bedrooms. Food allowances range from US200 per month to US1000 per month. Medicaid takes care of free medical treatment.

The religious organizations, in the name of Jesus Christ, have gone all out to help and assist God’s children.

Nobody is making any bones about it. Their spokespersons are shouting from hilltops that they cannot allow white refugees to undergo the humiliation allotted to people of color.

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Next door is Mexico and Latin America. As we speak there are an estimated 160 000 refugees awaiting at their turn at the US border. Democrats, who can benefit from Latino votes, nevertheless, found the situation liable to a white voter backlash.

Under the umbrella of Covid-19 regulations, they closed the border. Former president Donald Trump had closed the border without making any lofty pretenses. He said that Latino and African refugees are fleeing from “shit” countries.

It so happened that a further 3 million refugees into Europe came from Iraq which lost one fifth of its population due to George W. Bush’s war against Saddam Hussein, 2002.

Another 3 million refugees came from Afghanistan, also fleeing from George W. Bush war, 2002.

Why Africa must unite

The intermittent interference by the European Union and the US in African countries in search of minerals and oil deposits is the cause for much of the destabilization of the continent.

The destabilization in Southern Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe and Mozambique came form self-serving tyrants like Robert Mugabe and Dos Santos of Angola. If these tyrants were serving European interests, perpetrating Gukurahundi atrocities, they were regarded as angels in European countries.

When Mugabe turned his back on his European backers, suddenly he became the worst human being on earth, leading to his ignominious death, rejected by Europe and by his own people.

Unless Africa takes a united stand against foreign powers, its children will be the laughingstock of the world. The African Union should be able to accommodate all its children who are displaced from their original homes.