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‘The system is corrupt, has to be dismantled,’ says Shingi Munyeza

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s co-advisor Dr Shingi Munyeza has accused Zanu PF government of being evil, brutal, oppressive and corrupt adding that the administration was being controlled by “strongmen and strong women who are only after personal and selfish gain.”

Shingi Munyeza
Shingi Munyeza

In an interview with Spotlight Zimbabwe on Thursday, Munyeza said Zimbabwean leaders were “greedy and selfish.” He added that the corrupt Zanu PF system had to be dismantled.

“Like I said in the sermon that this is an evil, brutal, oppressive and corrupt system which is controlled by strongmen and strongwomen who are only after personal and selfish gain.

“They will stop at nothing to feed their greedy and selfish desires.

“Over the past 40 years they have institutionalized themselves in all structures and institutions of Zimbabwe thereby capturing the state and resultantly bringing fear to all its citizens.

“The source of their power has been the occult, which has been evil and resulted in blood spilling on many occasions over the past 40 years.

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“We therefore need to reset and reboot and dismantle the evil system to heal and rebuild a united Zimbabwe leaving in peace and harmony bringing about sustained prosperity.

“At the moment we are faced with state failure where the state cannot feed its people, protect or lead us into prosperity,” Munyeza said.

Munyeza said the previous dispensation which was headed by the late former president Robert Mugabe was better than Mnangagwa’s.

He added that in two years, Mnangagwa’s administration managed to kill, close hospitals, destroy wealth, destroy livelihoods and take corruption to a record in an unprecedented manner.

“My comments here are personal and not as a PAC member. Having said that I must say that the previous dispensation was better than the current one.

“They have also demonstrated a dearth of leadership and incapacity and incompetence to take us forward. Basically we are staring at a disaster of untold proportions in the months to come,” Munyeza added.

Munyeza said he was pursuing a cause to emancipate his generation “and if eventually that ends me in a political office so be it. In the same way I never dreamt to be a presidential advisor after my run in with political leadership over the years, but look at where I ended up.

Munyeza said he strongly believed in a transitional government to sort out “decades of bad governance. This would require everyone to come to the table in a genuine, inclusive and unconditional dialogue.”

” I’m confident that if such a structure is put together we will need to go through truth and reconciliation which leads to healing, giving back democratic freedoms and rights, reforms across the board and eventually put us on a path to have free, fair and credible elections whose result would not be contested. This can be the only formula for our prosperity,” Munyeza added.

Munyeza is a Zimbabwean businessman who was the head of the Zimbabwean hotel chain, African Sun. He stepped down in 2015 to pursue personal interests. Nehanda Radio