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ZIMRA official tests positive for Covid-19

By Zvikomborero Parafini

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Commissioner General Faith Mazani released a circular to the effect that one of their staff members at the Bulawayo office tested positive for Covid-19.

Zimra commissioner general Ms Faith Mazani
Zimra commissioner general Ms Faith Mazani

In the circular, Mazani said the staff member tested positive according to the results released by the Ministry of Health and Child Care on April 29.

The affected ZIMRA official and two others were on duty on March 18 when they interacted with an external individual who later tested positive for Covid-19.

Subsequently, the three stopped going to work and were on self-quarantined from March 27 to April 26 in line with the World Health Organisation guidelines.

The three returned to work on April 27 and on the same day MHCC officials carried out follow up Covid-19 tests on them and one of the results came out positive.

However, the affected staff member is currently not exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19.

The Bulawayo local management, working in conjunction with MHCC officials, have activated several health and safety procedures to ensure the safety of the affected official, staff members and their families.

The office was immediately closed pending full disinfection and remains closed until Monday 4 May while the MHCC returned to test the balance of the officers who were at work.

The office will be disinfected today and tomorrow in time for resumption of operations on Monday.

The MHCC also visited the employee’s residence to assess the suitability for home isolation and ZIMRA will continue to work with the Ministry to provide the necessary facilities and support to the official and his family.

The Human Capital department has engaged the affected staff member to provide counseling support during the quarantine period.

The Health Ministry has screened and tested all the staff members who had contact with the staff member, and 15 officers were identified and tested and the results are still pending.

The tested employees are in self-quarantine and tests will also be extended to other external individuals who had contact with the staff member.

Mazani urged all ZIMRA officers to be vigilant and consistent in practising safety and health measures as prescribed by the WHO guidelines and as advised through the Health ministry. H Metro