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Money is not everything: Pastor Haisa

By Trust Khosa

Pastor Lawrence Haisa reckons money is not everything as the lethal coronavirus is claiming both the poor and rich world over.

Pastor Haisa

The 53-year-old said it was high time people turn to God and unite during these trying times to be served.

“The Covid-19 has come as a wake-up call to us that money is not everything.

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“If you have been following the news, you will realise that millionaires have succumbed to the coronavirus and it’s really unfortunate that they have money to be treated anywhere they want.

“By the way, I’m not against the rich people of this world but I would like to urge people that we should value God all the time.

“All what is happening has been said before in the scriptures and it’s simply a fulfillment of what was said before in the Bible.

“In short the message we are having here is that we will all live this world and leave our riches,” he said.

Asked what he has doing on quarantine, the Burukai Mwari singer said:

“I’m just indoors praising the Lord and praying that he looks after me.

“I didn’t compose anything for Covid-19 nekuti zvawandirwa since most of the artistes are doing so.

“It’s only today (yesterday) that I was in Mazowe at a friend’s farm but I will be back home in Kuwadzana.

“In other words, I am one person who has been indoors for the greater part of the lockdown adhering to the rules.”

He however mentioned that the Covid-19 pandemic has stalled his progress.

“To be honest, I was supposed to launch my 10 album titled Advocate on Easter holidays but all the plans have gone up in smoke.

“I’m no longer launching it as I had wished because of this diseases which has brought everything to a standstill.”

Pastor Haisa who is still a pastor at ZAOGA said he was not spared by some of the challenges faced by fellow musicians.

“Piracy is one of the biggest problems that have left us grounded but in my case lacking of funding to shoot videos is another challenge.

“I wish I can get a sponsor who can come and sponsor me to shoot at least three videos because I have a lot of songs that don’t have accompanying videos,” he said.

The Kuwadzana based musician said gospel music can still make it to the top once again if they get sponsors.

“We are still in the game but what we only need at the moment are genuine sponsors and promoters,” he added. H Metro