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Mai TT tells Zizoe Pamyk “I’m Letting You Go” in collabo with Kazz Khalif

Popular comedian Mai TT has decided to bottle her feelings into a reggae song, with UK based singer Kazz Khalif, effectively telling her former lover Zizoe Pamyk “I’m Letting You Go”.

As previously reported by Nehanda Radio, a dramatic few months saw the comedian, real name Felitas Maruta come to the UK with her then younger lover, Gweru based singer Zizoe Pamyk. 

Within days its alleged Zizoe hooked up with another woman leaving a furious Mai TT feeling used and betrayed. 

Mai TT pours her heart out singing “Well well, I want you to tell me, Look at me baby, If there is something, I did to make you unhappy Rude boy, Mundi isa pa ma1, Kundi tambisira nguva, Uchizviti une mu taktick, Wasting my time, My money my energy, Ha bomboclat.”

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Kazz from the popular Bkay n Kazz group chimes in with the chorus: “I’m letting you go
You always break my heart, I’m letting you go, Cannot do this anymore, I’m not letting go, Because I need you in my life, No I’m not letting go (no x3), So baby won’t you please come back.”

Kazz continues: “I know, I know that you hurting, Emotions are rising, I messed up, I’m so sorry, Please forgive me, If you give us a shot , How do I fix the trust, Is it to late to mend, your broken heart, Ndipewo chance, Ndinoku batira bho, Chimbomira mira, Zvekumanya manya like so.”

Mai Mai TT and Kazz sign off “Hurting you wasn’t part of the plan, Promises were broken & now I see you sad, Don’t know why I keep making bad choices, should have known better, Now I know I have to face this, Where did I go wrong, Why did you stoop low, I don’t want you no more, NO more.”