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Hospital owner spits at employee

By Tatenda Chipungudzanye

Trauma Centre Borrowdale owner Dr Vivek Solanki, in a fit of rage, reportedly spat on an employee before scolding her using unprintable words that left the Harare woman traumatised in the wake of the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19) yesterday.

Trauma Centre Borrowdale owner Dr Vivek Solanki
Trauma Centre Borrowdale owner Dr Vivek Solanki

Temptation Mushove Gurure had to take off days after she was called a b**ch and spat at by Dr Solanki over a surgical facemasks consignment that had not been delivered in time.

Some workers who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation said Gurure was left traumatised as her handbag was also thrown away as Dr Solanki shouted in anger.

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Dr Solanki yesterday confirmed saying unprintable words and throwing the worker’s purse away saying he had been angered that there were few surgical masks at the institution. He said he talked with saliva bubbles in the mouth that could have spilled to the woman.

Dr Solanki said Gurure had been caught stealing and selling the masks for US$5 in the streets, a claim he could not sustain by a police report before hanging.

“She was caught stealing.

“She was selling the masks for US$5 when they are meant for patients.

“She was trying to kill people; there is corona out there,” he said before hanging up. Efforts to get him after that were futile as his phone went unanswered the whole day.

His wife said Dr Solanki would revert but he never answered calls thereafter.

Trauma Centre Borrowdale
Trauma Centre Borrowdale

Gurure said if she had any case against the organisation she had served so loyally, there were disciplinary proceedings as well as the police for the law to take recourse.

“We had three boxes of surgical masks in the morning and another consignment of 10 boxes was being delivered at 8:30am today (yesterday) but he could not take any of that.

“He screamed at me shouting that I was a b**ch and spat at me before throwing my purse away.

“I stood there in fear as he continued shouting calling me a stupid woman and moron.

“I had to take off days because I was traumatised. I could not work after being shamed, being called a b**ch when I am happily married,” narrated Gurure.

Gurure said Dr Solanki’s wife then came in and apologised while the doctor continued shouting. H Metro