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Enzo Ishall back on track

By Wayne Chiridza

Zimdancehall star Enzo Ishall, whose musical career has been compromised of late as he has been changing his sound and record labels frequently, has made a comeback with a new single titled Uri Kutsvireiko.

Enzo Ishall and son Nenyasha
Enzo Ishall and son Nenyasha

The track recorded courtesy of Enzo’s new record label, TeeMak Promotions, is somewhat an explanation from the artiste on why he has been hopping from one record label to another as the track is centred on leaving deals or relationships that are toxic and unproductive.

At first, Enzo was signed under Chillspot Records, a label which made him gain fame and after being waylaid by Prophet Passion Java, he jumped ship last year and joined Passion Java Records.

During his short stint with Passion Java, Enzo released a disastrous song — Highest Score — which left many convinced that it was in fact his lowest score as he had deviated from his style. This alienated him from his original ghetto base, leaving him with few fans.

Fortunately, last month, he ditched Passion Java of the Twabam fame and was signed by the Malaysia-based TeeMak for USD$100 000. A few weeks into the deal, Enzo has already shown signs of a career rebound as the Enzo most people fell in love with from the Kanjiva, Smart Inotangira Kutsoka and Magate hits, seems to have bounced back with the Uri Kutsvireiko single.

The song, which is being taken by many as a diss track, has been doing very well, amassing over 100 000 views on YouTube since its release on Friday last week.

Taona “Teemak” Chipunza, who runs the record label and is also managing Enzo, said the single is their first step towards retaining the musicians’ glory.

“We’re going to re-establish the Enzo Ishall many have grown to love while also positioning him to go international,” said Teemak.

Commenting on the single which has been believed by many to be directed at Chillspot Records as Enzo emphasises the need to drop things which are not useful, one of the Chillspot producers Levelz said it was not, as they are in good books with Enzo.

“The track is ok. I’m cool with the song and I also want to let everyone who’s thinking that it’s a diss track directed at Chillspot Records that it’s not true. I even wrote that song with Enzo Ishall,” said Levelz.

However, music lovers who commented on the song would not buy Levelz’s sentiments.

“He’s trying to say goodbye to Chillspot. Akutsvirei kana Chillspot isikuBhadara,” commented one Vulture OG.”

Interpreting the song, Badwell wrote: “Unotsvireyi kana varikukupa mari isingakwane, zvakuda umwe promoter,” in apparent reference to Chillspot saying Enzo left as the stable was not paying.

Reading the comments section on YouTube where the song was released, it was clear most were happy to have the “original” Enzo back.

Wrote one Martin Chingachirere: “A creative genius from Enzo Ishall and a subtle dig to others. I feel he has gone back to basics which saw him rise to the top.” Tanaka Muzondo wrote: “This is more than great, the Chiraaa (Enzo Ishall) I have missed. Keep the tyre rolling.” The Chronicle