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Masarira in domestic abuse storm

By Zvikomborero Parafini

Controversial political activist Linda Masarira-Kaingidza yesterday dragged her husband to court over several counts of domestic violence.

Linda Masarira-Kaingidza
Linda Masarira-Kaingidza (centre)

Masarira, 37, dragged her husband Gilbert Kaingidza, 37, who is currently employed in South Africa as a truck driver.

Prosecuting, Strike Matongera alleged that on September 4 at around 6am, Kaingidza called his wife informing her that he was coming from South Africa in a haulage truck and requested Masarira to pick him up at Masvingo Road Tollgate at 9pm.

Masarira is alleged to have called Kaingidza at around 7pm to find out of his location at that time and he told her that he had just left Chivhu.

Kaingidza was dropped by the tollgate at around 11pm and met Masarira and when they met, Masarira was affected by the deodorant her husband had on causing her nostrils to block, the court heard.

Masarira is alleged to have questioned her husband over why he came to her wearing that strong deodorant when he was fully aware that it would badly affect her health as she is asthmatic.

The confrontation didn’t go down well with Kaingidza who then became angry and started shouting back at Masarira and the argument went on till they got to their Marlborough home in the presence of their three minor children.

The court further heard that argument got heated when the two got home, with Kaingidza asking why Masarira would stop him from wearing his expensive ‘HUGO boss’ deodorant before he left the house saying he was going back to South Africa because he thought he wasn’t welcome at the house and was going to spend the night at Engen Service Station.

While at the service station, Kaingidza is said to have bumped into Masarira’s friend one Abigail Murimba who later took him to her house to spend the night.

Masarira drove to Abigail’s house to pick up her husband and upon arrival, Kaingidza began assaulting her calling her a prostitute till she fell down to be rescued by Pator Nick and one Gogo Madavi who then locked her in her room to avoid further assaults.

The two then left Abigail’s house but Masarira didn’t go back home but decided to drive to Madziva where she went to pick up Kaingidza’s parents in order to resolve the dispute.

When Masrira returned home, Kaingidza had gone to bed and when she joined him, he asked if they could discuss their issues but she refused to discuss the issues saying she was tired and wanted to rest prompting Kaingidza to become violent and started threatening to kill her.

Masarira is said to have escaped and sought refuge in another room where the visitors were sleeping but couldn’t find space causing her to go back to their bedroom where Kaingidza began assaulting her violently damaging the French door in the process. H Metro