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Doctors in nasty fight over child support

By Gibson Mhaka

A Bulawayo-based doctor Simba Magomo Shawatu is being sued for maintenance by his alleged mistress Christabel Blessing Chadzamira who is claiming $1 000 per month for the upkeep of his child.

Shawatu, who works at the United Bulawayo Hospitals is being accused by Chadzamira, who is also reportedly a doctor at the same health institution, of having failed or neglected to provide support for his two-year-old daughter.

In her application filed under case Number M647 /19 at the Bulawayo Maintenance Court, Chadzamira claimed Shawatu who has legal obligation to maintain his minor child had failed to do so.

The matter which was supposed to be heard in court on 5 July was, however, struck off the roll by Bulawayo magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu after both parties, who apparently resolved to have an-out-of-court settlement, failed to show up.

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“Respondent and I are natural parents to the minor child born on 23 January 2017. Respondent has legal obligation to maintain the minor child mentioned above but he has neglected to maintain her. I am applying for an order of maintenance in the sum of $1 000 for the minor child,” Chadzamira indicated in her summons.

Chadzamira said she could not afford to look after their child alone and indicated in her summons that the court should order the father of her child to contribute the amount in question to cater for the child’s groceries, medical expenses, clothing among other expenses amounting to $$5 135 per month.

She indicated that Shawatu was earning enough money to contribute $1 000 per month for the minor child.

“The respondent is gainfully employed, earning about $2 300 per month and he is thus in a position to contribute the sum of $1 000 towards the upkeep of the minor child. Furthermore he has part time jobs where he realises the sum of $1 000. He also does locums and earns approximately US$100 per month.”

Chadzamira apparently resolved to take the legal route after Shawatu had failed or neglected to provide reasonable support for his child. B-Metro