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Sandra Ndebele motivates school children

By Kudzai Chikiwa

When Sandra “Sandy” Ndebele took to the stage to give what she termed a “short speech” at the recently held Nkulumane High School cultural festival, learners and parents stood up and cheered in excitement.

Sandra Ndebele at the Nkulumane High School cultural festival
Sandra Ndebele at the Nkulumane High School cultural festival

With a lively voice, Sandy, a dancer-cum-singer was invited to the celebrations held last Friday to inspire the learners. To show them there was nothing special about her, she narrated how she was raised from the dusty suburbs of Tshabalala and Nkulumane before becoming a prominent singer.

The artiste said one’s background should not deter anyone from achieving their dreams.

“Your background shouldn’t cloud your vision. Many of you wish to associate with me now but I didn’t start like this (celebrity). I grew up in the Western suburbs like you, but today I’m a changed person.

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“Ngingumntwana walapha and I’m proud of that. I didn’t just wake up a famous maNde, but it took passion and eyes that saw beyond where I was,” Sandy said.

She said she would walk to school (Founders High School) from home every day as her father could not afford to give her bus fare.

“My father could not afford to give me money to board twice as I needed to first get into town from home then catch another kombi to Founders from town as there was no direct transport. He then suggested that I walk to school from Nkulumane as it was closer that way. That was my lifestyle and I didn’t let it determine my future as I’m a landlord now and own a car,” she said.

With her family of her own now, Sandy, who sat for O-Level Mathematics exams three years ago as she wanted to enrol at the Hillside Teachers’ College for a diploma in education, majoring in music, urged learners to take school seriously as it will come back to haunt them if they didn’t.

“I was playful at school but I ended up going to school again at Mpopoma High School. Never take school lightly because it moulds your future,” she said.

On her music career, she said she never thought that she would one day be a singer as she started off as a poetess while at Mpopoma High.

She joined the school’s drama club which became Iyasa and from there, she began making a name for herself as she was one of the group’s lead dancers. After realising how much potential she had, she started a solo career and released her breakout track titled Mama.

Now, she is one of the finest artistes in the country who has collaborated with the likes of Jah Prayzah, Alick Macheso and South Africa’s Professor. The Chronicle