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Mliswa scoffs at Zanu PF recruitment of Sandra Ndebele as ‘pitiful’

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

Independent legislator Temba Mliswa said the move by the ruling Zanu PF party to recruit Sandra Ndebele as Bulawayo representative for Young Women in Economic Development and other celebrities ‘exhibited a low regard for the Zimbabwean electorate’s mentality’.

Musician-cum-dancer Sandra Ndebele
Musician-cum-dancer Sandra Ndebele

This comes after the Zanu PF women’s league in Bulawayo appointed Ndebele as the Bulawayo representative for the young women in Economic Development.

But Mliswa said the move represented the ruling party’s disregard of the electorate.

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“Another dry, cut & paste job as Zanu PF_Official has appointed Sandra Ndebele as their Bulawayo representative for Young Women in Economic Development. However, the abiding idea behind the move makes the whole thing pitiful. It’s a clear scramble for popularity and youth support.

“The move exhibits a low regard for the Zimbabwean electorate’s mentality. People can now see beyond these platitudinous actions which seek to harness and transfer popularity from a different sphere into the party’s community of politics,” Mliswa said.

He added that the ZANU PF strategy would not yield results citing that the ruling party needed to resolve problems facing the country.

“Beyond the few who are swayed by such dramas, people simply need answers to challenges in their lives. I was in Zambia two weeks before elections and the atmosphere on the ground was strange. There were very few posters of the then opposition @UPNDYouthLeague candidate, Hichilema.

“Used to the dramatic scenes of politics elsewhere I was surprised. However, the people told me that we know what we want, posters don’t make much of a difference. The truth of their point was exhibited through the results later.

“They had noted the rampant Chinese invasion, skewed partnerships which spiked their national debt, the poor economy and resolved to speak through the ballot. Drama wasn’t necessary isn’t necessary here too. Roping-in popular individuals borrowing their popularity can’t work.

“Gvt simply needs to bring change, deal with corruption & satisfy the needs of the people. There is no need for political acrobatic stunts to confuse people into voting them back. Politics is straightforward. Deliver You win. Any stunts beyond that are a reflection of failure,” he said.

Ndebele in 2018 endorsed President Emmerson Mnangagwa when she appeared at a Zanu PF’s youth convention in Gweru where she spoke on behalf of artists. Nehanda Radio