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Woman ‘freed’ from sex crazed goblin

By Gibson Mhaka

There is no such thing as bad publicity and this phrase rings true for a Bulawayo woman, Violet Chikwezeze, who received help after her horrifying sex life with a goblin was publicised.

Violet Chikwezeze and Lovemore Mandigora testifying
Violet Chikwezeze and Lovemore Mandigora testifying

Chikwezeze apparently courted public sympathy when she claimed she had lived a life of hell at the hands of a tikoloshe (goblin) for the past 13 months adding that it was killing her sex life.

Chikwezeze said whenever the nasty visitor was enjoying ‘pleasure’ with her, her husband Lovemore Mandigora, who was also refusing to meet her needs, would jump off the bed and seek refuge in the living room.

“My husband does not treat me as his wife. He is not sleeping with me. I feel I have a spiritual husband as something mysterious is sleeping with me, usually in the middle of the night.

“It’s been happening since January last year. When I refuse to sleep with that mysterious creature it violently attacks me, resulting in me bleeding from the nose and mouth.

“Surprisingly, whenever that is happening, my husband quietly moves away from the bed such that when I wake up I find him in the sitting room watching television and sometimes on his phone.

“He knows what is happening and does not want to assist me. Whenever I confront him he turns hostile and starts accusing me of being abusive,” Chikwezeze complained bitterly.

And many thanks to B-Metro, which covered the larger than life experience at the Bulawayo Civil Court leading Chikwezeze to be freed from the goblin that had enslaved her for more than a year.

Chikwezeze claimed after the story was published by B-Metro, she met a member of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries who after listening to her heart-rending ordeal immediately counselled her together with her husband before he referred them to Prophet Walter Magaya for deliverance.

Chikwezeze who got her deliverance after a struggle said after counselling, the Good Samaritan gave them anointing oil which she claimed they administered all over their bodies.

Giving her testimony during a church service which was also broadcast live on the church‘s Yadah TV, Chikwezeze who was accompanied by her husband said her bedroom freedom was restored after she had painstakingly tried to seek help from several prophets and traditional healers without success.

“I finally received help after I had tried several prophets and traditional healers to no avail. From that very day we were counselled and given anointing oil which we applied on our bodies we started feeling different from the past months. We felt happier and our affection in the bedroom was also restored after several months of not sleeping together.

“That very night when we were assisted the goblin came as usual, but it did nothing to me and it was also the last time it visited our bedroom,” said Chikwezeze while receiving a resounding applause from the church.

Prophet Magaya urged the couple to always pray and put faith in God in order to safeguard their marriage which was on the verge of collapse because of the goblin.

Chikwezeze was happy to pour her heart out to B-Metro saying she was no longer experiencing agonising pains and repeated nocturnal visits from the mythical creature which had been spiritually violating her for 13 months.

“I now have peace in my house and I am so grateful that the thing which had been spiritually violating my body is gone. I am now having decent night sleeps after that deliverance by Prophet Magaya,” she said.

The couple also thanked this publication for coming to their rescue by publishing their plight leading them to get help. B Metro