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Goblins overpower traditional healer

By Nhlalwenhle Ncube

A TRADITIONAL healer was expected to destroy trouble makers at Mlibizi village in Binga, Matabeleland North, but tables turned against him as suspected goblins reportedly proved their supremacy by killing him during a cleansing ceremony.

Modern day depiction of goblins
Modern day depiction of goblins

It is reported that there was drama when villagers who had gathered to witness the ceremony scurried for cover when the traditional healer collapsed while trying to destroy the alleged goblins.

Headman Albert Mwembe confirmed the reports.

“Sitsha, a traditional healer was hired by villagers to hunt down goblins which were harassing women. Women in the village were complaining that they were having sex with weird creatures which appeared in their dreams. After the strange dreams, they woke up the following day with noticeable signs that they had sex,” said Mwembe.

It is reported that Sitsha told villagers that he was going to destroy the goblins and therefore called villagers to gather so that they witness the event.

The villagers gathered under a tree waiting for Sitsha to bring the goblins which were said to be staying at different homesteads.

“After a few hours, he came holding two weird things which were tied with red and black cloths. He then announced that he was carrying the goblins and his intention was to burn them in full view of everyone.

“As people were watching and waiting eagerly for Sitsha to announce the owner of the goblins, he just screamed once and collapsed,” said a villager.

It is reported that some villagers ran away for their dear lives and when he became conscious, he was ferried to his homestead which was at a nearby village.

“He died on the following day after screaming for help saying the goblins had followed him and were strangling him,” said Mwembe.

Efforts to get a comment from Matabeleland North police were fruitless. B Metro