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Uproar over pupils’ Magate video

By Blessing Masakadza

A video of a schoolgirl dancing to the controversial song Magate while a boy does the chanting has drawn the ire of people online.

Kikky Badass in Enzo Ishall's 50 Magate video
Kikky Badass in Enzo Ishall’s 50 Magate video

Apart from the dilapidated conditions of the learning environment, people are also angry over the person doing the recording.

The pupil is filmed twerking as the boy chants while other pupils sit watching the act.

The yet-to-be-identified school is underdeveloped with the children dancing in a classroom with no floor and without shoes, making the environment improper for learning.

Socialite and philanthropist Olinda Chapel added her opinion, calling for the teacher to be fired.

“Forget everything, let’s first focus on the environment. Which school is this nhai? If anyone knows please let me know.

“Secondly, the teacher that is recording this is very wrong and needs to be fired!” she wrote on Facebook.

The video has divided opinion with some saying there is nothing wrong with the children dancing as this is the kind of music they are exposed to.

Some threw the element of the new education curriculum, which they say accommodates music which the children relate to.

Other commentators argue that such acts should not be anywhere near schools, blaming parents for exposing their children to such music.

Dancehall singer Enzo Ishall is behind the song and ever since its release, it has resulted in several online challenges with women posting videos showing their waist-wriggling skills.

The video features female rapper Kikkybadass, who dances to the lyrics and has done shows with the chanter showcasing the dances.

Raunchy dancers Beverly “Bev” Sibanda and Zoey Sifelani have also participated in the challenge, joining several other women in outsmarting each other. DailyNews