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Mukandi suspects foul play in son’s death

The late businessman Shingi Mukandi’s father Benjamin yesterday said he suspects foul play in his son’s death and ruled out the possibility of a road traffic accident. Mukandi was killed in an accident on July 22 last year while riding his motor bike.

White Isuzu that killed Shingi Mukandi over the weekend recovered at Zambezi Flats in Malbereign
White Isuzu that killed Shingi Mukandi was recovered at Zambezi Flats in Malbereign

He was hit by an Isuzu KB truck driven by Afred Machipisa.

Benjamin told the court that he was notified by Eddie Zviitwa — popularly known as Eddie Kebab — that his son had been involved in an accident and rushed to the scene.

“When I arrived at the scene, there were traces of blood as expected in an accident of that nature and from my knowledge of road accidents, if a motorbike is hit in motion it will fly but in this case it was just 50 metres from the scene,” Benjamin testified.

“I also want the court to know there was no debris at the scene and Shingi’s motorbike had not been damaged at all by the impact.

“Considering that the evaluator had said the accused person travelled at least 100 kilometres per hour, I still cannot believe there was any accident that caused my son’s death.”

Machipisa denied allegations of culpable homicide and said he never drove negligently on the day in question.

He said circumstances behind the accident were beyond his control.

Machipisa said Mukandi was the one who rode his bike in a zigzag manner and that he had even tried flashing his lights and exercised caution.

Prosecutor Isheunesu Mhiti alleged that immediately after the accident, Machipisa who resides in Mt Pleasant approximately 100 metres from Mukandi’s house, reportedly drove his father’s accident-damaged Isuzu KB300 to Mabelreign Zambezi Flats where his brother Fanwell Lloyd resides and hid the car there.

He later surrendered himself to the police following reports that they had been hunting for him.

It was alleged that on July 22 last year around 9pm, Machipisa allegedly drove a white Isuzu KB300 due West along Harare Drive while trailing a green Kawasaki motor cycle which was being rode by the now deceased, Shingirayi Bevan Tirivangani Mukandi.

As Machipisa passed number 201 Mt Pleasant, he reportedly negligently drove his Isuzu at a speed that was excessive in the circumstances and failed to keep a proper look out for the road ahead.

The court heard that Machipisa failed to keep a safe distance between his car and Mukandi’s motorcycle, that was ahead of him, and resultantly hit him from behind. DailyNews