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What they will do on Christmas Day?

By Vasco Chaya

Award-winning comedian Samantha “Gonyeti” Kureya

Bustop TV comprises Prosper “The Comic Pastor” Ngomashi, Magi and Gonyeti and the trio has made a name on social networks through their hilarious skits.
Bustop TV used to comprise Prosper “The Comic Pastor” Ngomashi, Magi and Gonyeti and the trio has made a name on social networks through their hilarious skits.

“I will spend part of the Christmas Day attending the wedding ceremony of Comic Pastor.

“After the wedding, I will visit my grandmother and this will be more of a family re-union. In terms of food, I am tired of eating rice hence I will go for gango and braai.”

Actor David “Sabhuku Vharazipi” Mubaiwa

“As usual I will spend the Christmas Day with family at home in Mashava. We will keep it simple. For me Christmas is just like any other day. For that reason, we have to keep on reminding each other that Christmas Day is just another day.

“We should encourage people not to overspend as the month of January is around the corner. School fees and other family-related expenses need to be paid in January therefore people should celebrate Christmas Day in sober mood. My children are still in primary school so I still pay school fees.”

Award-winning musician Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave

“I am hosting my family at home in Bluff Hill, Harare. I have arranged for a cosy Christmas luncheon that will enable me to exercise my home management techniques.”

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Dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda

“I have a tight schedule for shows this Christmas holiday. I will only spoil my son on Christmas Day though I will not be in his company. Someone else will be with him. I last enjoyed Christmas holiday with my family in 2006.”

Veteran gospel music star Chivaviro

“As a band we have had a very hectic year taking us across regions and continents like never before, therefore we are using the holiday to sit back and relax, as we rejuvenate for the coming year.

“We intend to hit the ground running. I will spend Christmas holiday with family in Johannesburg taking the children around places of interest. We will join our family in Gokwe just after the Christmas holiday. I am looking forward to enjoying goat meat, mangoes and road runner chickens among others.”

Music promoter and Impala Car Rental director Thompson Dondo

“I am in Mauritius with family for a holiday. We will be back in Zimbabwe on Thursday. I am with my wife and two children. I am taking the break to recharge my batteries so that I will have the energy next year to push through various projects which include some involving music.”

Devine Assignments director and music promoter Biggie Chinoperekwei

“I will spend the Christmas holiday with family in Livingstone in Zambia so that I can take time to review and reflect on the outgoing year. As Devine Assignments, we will throw parties for staff and patrons. Christmas holiday is also the best time for us to re-strategise for next year and re-look at the projects with the aim of taking things one step at a time.

Devine Assignments runs a number of night clubs in different cities including Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare among others. Some of the night clubs that fall under us include City Sports Bar, Private Lounge, Club 263 and Club Connect among others.”

Munenzva Bus Company director and music promoter Regis Munenzva

“I last enjoyed Christmas when I was still very young. I tend to work extra hard on busy holidays such as Christmas as I will be managing my buses (Munenzva Buses) on roads. I will keep in touch with my drivers throughout the holiday and remind them of the importance and virtues of safe driving.

“We do not want accidents, hence I only relax after the festive season. As Munenzva Bus Company we are striving to cross over to 2018 without being involved in road accidents. Next year I will do one or two things to uplift artistes, sungura musicians in particular.” Daily News