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After insults, Gonyeti and Dhafu to battle it out in boxing ring for charity

Comedians Gonyeti and Dhafu are at war and it’s not a joke!

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Bustop TV’s Gonyeti real name Samantha Kureya and Naiza Boom’s Dhafu real name Cathy Chapungu have engaged in a war of words via their respective skits and will soon battle it out in a boxing ring for charity on the 26th of March.

Bustop TV’s Gonyeti real name Samantha Kureya and Naiza Boom’s Dhafu real name Cathy Chapungu
Bustop TV’s Gonyeti real name Samantha Kureya (Propa Bless Pictures) and Naiza Boom’s Dhafu real name Cathy Chapungu

This comes after Dhafu fired shots at Gonyeti in one of her skits saying if she was to be involved in a fight with her she would mop up the floor with her face.

Bustop TV then responded by posting a picture from Dhafu’s skit and captioned it saying, “Ava vanoda kuzhezheudzwa nefight tovhura mamwe mavende! Iwe hanzvadzi yamarabha stop madrama!”

Dhafu was also quick to respond name calling Gonyeti a ‘Pig’, “Ayas iwe nguruve iwe usango catcher mafeelings nezvinhu zvisina basa… zita rako rakoshei zvekutio harichatobvumidwe kutaurwa uye that skit I did yesterday handina kukutuka ini I just gave an example iwe wakuzvitora personal kusvika pakundiudza zvinhu zvagara zvhichizikanwa nemunhu wese kuti ndine mavende koi we zvekushata kwako pane alambozvitaura here??? Kana uchida nezvangu unotaura coz yese yawada totamba,” she said in an Instagram post.

The two continued exchanging words through skits on social media. Bustop TV has even gone as far as creating a series of memes of a male version of Dhafu mocking her that she has features of a man.

Dhafu also fired back Gonyeti in her latest skit in which she names her dog, ‘Gonyeti’ saying because, “yakazvarwa nemu hard mashona akasangana nempengo.”

The two will meet on 26th of March as they will square it off in a boxing ring. However as much as there is ‘beef’ between them, their boxing match will be for the good of the community as they will be fighting to raise money for charity to help the underprivileged girl child.

Followers of the two comediennes have weighed in on the issue. Comedian Ray Vines who recently removed his front row tooth has pledged his support to Dhafu saying, “Ini hangu I’m team mavende zvamanje because ini ndinarowo.’

Some followers have showed some confidence I Dhafu that she will surely thrash Gonyeti.

“Gonyeti anofira mumaoko ah Dhafu uyo,” commented ignatiouschikochi.

Nicho_wekwamaulana Dhafu will beat Gonyeti and also take over her name too, “Dhafu aikupedzera Gonyeti obva aita GonyetiDhafu”

Some have shown their support to Gonyeti saying they are sure she will show Dhafu some flames in the ring.

“Haaah Dhafu wenyu uyu achakuwadzwa chete amusi kumuziva mushe Gonyeti,” commented Instagram user toned_sxoop.

Another user identified as tinosande said, “manje Gonyeti chidhara anogarirwa pa face Dhafu uyu.”

Gonyeti denied that there was beef between her and Dhafu saying; “We are sisters in comedy; there is no beef between us but the issue confronting us is big and that is why we agreed to get involved in this friendly boxing match. Our target is to raise at least 10 000 sanitary pads and a lot of cash.”