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8 years for attempted rape

John Penzura, 35, was convicted of aggravated indecent assault charges before Harare regional magistrate Elijah Makomo.

Makomo initially sentenced Penzura to eight years in prison before suspending three years on condition of good behaviour.

Prosecutor Mollen Mutamangira proved that on June 17, Penzura went to the girl’s room and knocked twice but the minor did not open the door.

The third time, Penzura knocked on the window and the girl opened the door to inquire what he wanted at that odd hour.

Penzura told the girl that he was going to take care of her but she would have none of it. To push him away, she told him to return the following morning since it was late.

When the girl turned to go back into the house, Penzura tripped her and she fell to the ground before he jumped on top of her.

Penzura began fondling the girl’s breasts and inserted his fingers into her privates and she screamed for help.

As the complainant tried to fight Penzura, he pressed her mouth with his left hand but Blessing Murungweni had heard the screams and proceeded to the scene.

He found Penzura wrestling to sexually assault the victim and ordered him to stop forthwith.

When Penzura realised that more people were coming to the scene, he reluctantly released the girl and ran away.

The girl sought refuge at Hebert Chipeni’s residence — a security officer in the compound.

The matter was then reported to the police. DailyNews