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Binga chief injured while attempting to rape minor

By Fairness Moyana

A chief from Binga District who allegedly tried to rape his 17-year-old subject for refusing to be his fourth wife has appeared in court.

Chief Dobola (47) of Mulindi Village in Binga, born Edward Munkombwe, on Thursday appeared before Binga resident magistrate Mr Urgent Vundla facing an attempted rape charge. Chief Dobola, who was being represented by Mr Khumbulani Dingani of Mvhiringi and Associates, pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was remanded on his own cognisance until 20 October for continuation of the trial.

It is alleged that the traditional leader tricked the 17-year-old girl, who cannot be named, into one of his huts under the pretence of collecting maize cobs for him. The court heard that on 1 April and at about 8AM, the complainant was at her homestead when Chief Dobola’s first wife arrived and informed her that her husband wanted to see her.

The complainant proceeded to the Chief’s homestead where she found him sitting outside with only little children around.

She greeted him before enquiring on the reason he had called for her to which he told her he had not called her but his wife could have lied to her since it was Fool’s Day. It is alleged that Chief Dobola held her hands before kissing her suddenly without her consent, resulting in her “backing away in shock”.

He went on to ask her to collect some maize cobs from his hut before following her. He then blocked the entrance as she tried to come out after discovering that she had been tricked into the room as there were no mealie cobs.

The court heard that he allegedly pushed her into the room before closing the door, grabbing the teenager’s hands, fondling her breasts and kissing her before touching her private parts without her consent.

However, as he tried to drag her onto his bed, she fought back by hitting him in the neck with her elbow. This resulted in him releasing her as he retreated in pain, giving the complainant the chance to escape.

On arrival at her homestead, she informed her mother in the presence of a friend of what had transpired, resulting in both women confronting the traditional leader on the allegations.

Chief Dobola failed to give a satisfactory explanation resulting in the women going back home to await the arrival of the complainant’s father on the way forward since the issue involved a traditional leader of the area.

The complainant’s father who had gone to Zambia to work returned on 14 May and the following day a report to police was made leading to the traditional leader’s arrest. Mr Quiet Mpofu appeared for the State. The Sunday News