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Miss World Zim queen crowned

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

University of Cape Town film and acting student Chiedza Lorraine Mhosva was crowned Miss World Zimbabwe 2017 last weekend at Borrowdale Brooke Golf Course, beating 15 other contenders from different provinces.

Miss World Zim Chiedza Lorraine Mhosva
Miss World Zim Chiedza Lorraine Mhosva

The 22-year-old beauty walked away with a cash prize amounting to $20 000 and a brand new vehicle to be unveiled in two weeks’ time.

Gokwe beauty Everlyn Njelele (23) was crowned first princess, walking away with $10 000, while second princess Kundai Claire Somerai (21) took home $5 000.

Miss Personality was won by Tariro Zvizhinji aged 23 and she scooped a prize of $5 000.

The Miss Personality award was based on a voting system which was open on social media.

In an interview after the crowning ceremony, the cheerful Miss Mhosva said she was excited and shocked.

“I am excited and still can’t believe this. It has been my dream and I thank God for the opportunity. The first thing that I am going to do with the money is to take my mother out.

“It has been long since I did that. I also want to pay my tuition fees and at the same time look for someone who would want the same assistance,” she said.

Miss Mhosva said she is not new to the modelling industry as she was once on the ramp and did photo-shoots for some fashion houses.

“In 2014, I entered Miss Parade and was voted first runner-up. I am signed with Decean Modelling Agency in Cape Town, South Africa,” she said.

Asked what her major strength was during the boot-camp to the finale, she said she was identifying her strengths.

“I took the tutorials by Marry Chiwenga. I said my aim is the crown. Here I am,” she said.

Miss Mhosva said models should work with professional agencies for them to succeed in the industry as they know the actual requirements.

She sailed through her question and answer well after being asked: “What does this year’s theme mean to you?”

“It means love and beauty is not only based on physical features, but intelligence, heart and love and that was what the late Kiki Divaris was made of”

Here is a quick look at the whole show: The sponsor Former Miss Tourism Zimbabwe 2016 sponsor Big Time Investments, chief executive Mr Justice Maphosa took another step in sponsoring this pageant from prizes, stage-work, and lighting to some of the performers.

Mr Maphosa said he has passion in the development of beauty pageants, especially in Zimbabwe.

“We always see and admire other pageants from other countries, but why not bring that home? Yes, I have sponsored this pageant and we are going to sit down with Miss Zimbabwe Trust to structure our partnership agreement. I will hand over the prizes in two weeks’ time,” he said.

He didn’t want to say how much he had invested in this pageant, but said it is about patriotism.

Mr Maphosa gave all 16 finalists $1 000 cash apart from the grand prizes.

The beauty pageant Yes, a lot have been said about the 16 finalists, with some people blasting them on social media that Zimbabwe wasn’t ready with the quality of girls taking part at the pageant.

We need to support and appreciate each other for the betterment of the industry.

However, the girls somehow seemed nervous although stage-work was well-choreographed, courtesy of Hillary Indi.

There was a missing wow factor in them.

Then there was this missing issue too, the models had no tags (numbering) as the norm as it was somehow difficult to remember who the first was or last.

Perhaps the judges and crowd were assisted by the screens which had their pictures and numbers.

Another factor was on uniformity.

They had designers who worked on them, but somehow seems the models used their own shoes.

The models nightwear was done by local designer Spero Villiot and it matched world standards.

Another gem of the night was when they choreographed with MTM song ‘Chekeche’ which drove the crowd into frenzy as the models introduced themselves.

Then there was this missing in action, 2015 queen Anne Grace Mutambu was absent from the show to crown the new queen.

Some inside sources said her period had expired but this raised eyebrows on what was going on.

However, the show went as planned and no hiccups from the well-groomed models.

Again models were pre- judged 70 percent while the 30 percent was based on the final show.

The judges panel included chief judge Danny Marandure (ZOL Zimbabwe chief executive officer), former model and Kuwadzana Member of Parliament Betty Kaseke, Martin Kushambadope, David Zhou and Kamal Khalfan, with the auditors coming from Grant Thornton.

The pageant lasted three hours with an after-party where Zimdancehall star Killer T performed.

The hosts For a start let us look at the red carpet affair which was well managed by ZBCTV hosted by Mcdonald Gurira.

The socialites, diplomats, designers and former models flocked on the red carpet and it sailed well.

The only problem was the presenter’s question who said, ‘Who designed you?’

 Instead of ‘who are you wearing or who dressed you’.

You could see some sparks and confusion with those who went there as they immediately figured out what he meant and they answered well.

The bad part of it, was recorded for those at home to watch but all the same the red carpet was on point.

There was another issue of not understanding the black tie concept with the bouncers and security as some were turned away but it was immediately rectified.

In the fashion world, a black tie event means ‘Black tie’ is the dress code for social functions that start after 6 pm, and basically translates to “this party is fancy and men should wear tuxedos”

While the intricacies of black tie formal wear applies more to men than to women, it’s still important to understand that your attire should definitely be appropriate.

There is still debate that one can wear red, yellow or green tie or bow-tie but the general populace in Zimbabwe understand that a black tie means black bowtie or tie for men.

Then news reader Rumbidzai Takawira, the host of the night seemed nervous at first but later picked up and did a sterling job.

She only had two glitches which were, her fashion statement and when she forgot the other finalist during the question segment of which this was live.

Many were surprised with what was going on. Just like what people are used too, she could have worked with the theme especially how the girls were doing and also change.

To make matters worse, she chose a dull colour especially for television, but generally she is a good presenter and well done Rumbi for scintillating show.

Hail Queen Marry The army general’s wife proved that, ‘once a model always a model’.

She dressed well in a one arm orange peach like dress with a slit and her long weave.

Her speech was flawless and delivered with confidence.

She is also good in organising as it was witnessed by the marquee and food, matching the world standards.

It was her birthday and she was later surprised with a birthday cake.

Happy belated birthday Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson.

The entertainers Someone mentioned that South African singer Ringo Madlingozi is now tired of performing at such functions, but his music goes well with beauty and pageantries.

Ringo battled it out with some of his hit songs from ‘Into Yam’ to ‘Sondela’.

Sungura maestro Alick Macheso put up a top-drawer performance. Macheso sang ‘Charakupa’, which made almost the whole auditorium to sing-along and danced to the tune.

However, we still have a long way to go but the show was excellent. Remember nothing is perfect under the sun.

This year’s edition ran under the theme, ‘Celebrating Beauty through the eyes of our late icon Kiki Divaris’. The Herald