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‘Cheating’ cleric demands CCTV footage

By Sheillah Mapani

A United Methodist Church reverend accused of attempted murder after driving into his girlfriend’s husband has requested CCTV footage from IDBZ Bank along Raleigh Street.

Rev Chikwenjere and his wife
Rev Chikwenjere and his wife

Elliot Chikwenjere, through his lawyer, Mr Anesu Bangidza, said the footage will clear his name.

It is the State’s case that Chikwenjere put David Gwarazimba’s life in danger by driving while he was clinging for dear life on to the bonnet, injuring him on the head and face.

This is after Gwarazimba spotted his wife, Patricia Tambudzai, seated in Chikwenjere’s Mitsubishi vehicle.

Gwarazimba claims Chikwenjere hit him with the car before he landed on the bonnet.

According to Mr Bangidza, the footage will prove that Gwarazimba actually jumped onto the car.

At the close of the State case last week, third witness Chapwanya Musekiwa said: “I was at the corner of Speke (Avenue) and Kaguvi Street when I saw a vehicle with a man on its bonnet holding onto the wipers.

“The vehicle was speeding while moving in a zigzag manner. At times we would catch up with it as we were following it towards Rotten Row.”

Musekiwa said he did not know what later happened after the vehicle sped through a red traffic light with Gwarazimba still on the bonnet because he had followed another route.

Gwarazimba told the court that he did not jump onto the car’s bonnet as Chikwenjere alleged.

“When he realised that I was standing close to his car, he sped off, hitting me in the process and I fell right on top of his car’s bonnet,” he said.

“He sped off, driving in a zigzag manner as he tried to rid me off his car, but did not succeed. Other drivers hooted for him to stop, but he was out for blood. He then hit the emergency brakes resulting in me falling from the car.”

Chikwenjere, through his lawyer, denied the charge, saying it was Gwarazimba who intended to cause harm to him.

“Your Worship, I plead not guilty to the charge. I never had the intention to inflict any harm upon the complainant but it was him who was the aggressor,” he said.

“He is the one who jumped on my vehicle and proceeded to strike the windscreen with his bare hands intending to injure me. Fearing for my life, I drove off while he shouted that he wanted to kill me.”

Chikwenjere brought the vehicle to court for inspection and its windscreen was punched on both sides.

It is alleged that on June 12, at around midday, Chikwenjere was parked along Kaguvi Street in the capital when Gwarazimba saw his wife in the car.

Out of suspicion that Chikwenjere was having a love affair with his wife, Gwarazimba jumped onto the car’s bonnet and held onto the wipers.

He was referred to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for treatment, while Chikwenjere was taken to the police. The Herald