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Stunning Fungisai on her way to the studio – PICTURE

This is gospel diva Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave on her way to the studio to finish up on a project. The ‘Amai Ndakanaka’ hitmaker posted the picture to her 75 000 followers on social networking site Facebook on Monday.

Fungisai MashavaveFungisai recently broke from her gospel roots and is releasing Zimdancehall hit track after track. The singer has an upcoming show in the United Kingdom this month.

In January this year Fungisai shockingly revealed that she is not a gospel musician and never wanted to be labelled as such.

In fact, the artiste who recently collaborated with Zim dancehall chanter Killer T, on the hit song “Vanondibatirana” said, “I have been trying to untangle myself from this maze”.

“Problem yangu inenge yemakaradhi. Unogona kukwana kuma blacks wokwana futi kumavheti asi kwese usinganyatsotambirwa (my problem is like that of mixed race people.

They can fit in with both races yet they are not quite accepted). What do I mean? The church loves me so much … but they only want me for crusades where they want me to bring the house down with good danceable music to wow the crowds.

“When it comes to serious worship, they doubt me and they do not fully accept me. They do not think I’m spiritually there. They are like ‘but Fungisai was singing at Luciano’s gig last night wearing salt and pepper jeans – is she serious?’

And on the other hand secular musicians also have their reservations about me. They say ‘ndewechurch (she is a church person)’. In the end I do not quite fit in.” Nehanda Radio