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Fungisai to launch virtual album

By Nyore Madzianike

In what appears to be a first on the local music scene, gospel musician Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave, will stage a virtual launch for her forthcoming album “Prophetic Ancient Voices” set for release in August.

Fungisai Zvakavapano
Fungisai Zvakavapano

Fungisai told The Herald Arts that she was planning to stage a virtual launch on August 8, during primetime when she can reach out to many people on social media.

“For the first time ever, I am exploring the idea of a virtual launch,” she said.

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The “Toita Zvedenga” singer said the idea was prompted by her desire to be innovative and move with trending technologies.

Fungisai said she will be launching the album on her Facebook page and YouTube account. “I thrive on innovation and daring ideas that have never been explored, plus that energy to introduce new ideas that may be strange to norms.

“I always want to see to it that I reach out to the target. I just have a unique manner of approaching life. In this case people were used to being invited to a physical concert where they fill up a place, but this time I am directing traffic to my Facebook page and my YouTube account,” she said.

She said the forthcoming album will be accompanied by healing devotion songs with a promising hit “Burukai Mutaure Neni”.

Fungisai said the idea of staging a virtual launch was prompted by the realisation that she can reach out to people while they would be doing their routine activities.

“The album must reach as many people as possible within the shortest possible time.

“Experience and current trends are such that people are willing to follow music while they are in their own spaces and within their busy environments. The “Kumusoro” singer said she will soon confirm time of the virtual launch.

“We are in the process of considering the scientific survey on social media trends and patterns. We also want to do it at a time when we can get many followers,” she said. The Herald