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Fungisai talks visions, dreams

By Rest Mutore

AWARD-winning gospel musician, Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave, says some of the songs on her forthcoming album came through dreams deep in the night.

Fungisai Zvakavapano
Fungisai Zvakavapano

Fungisai is set to release her new album titled Prophetic Ancient Voices this Friday and she spoke to H-Metro ahead of the release.

“Most of the songs on the Prophetic Ancient Voice were placed in my heart as dreams and I had to wake up in the middle of the night to sing and record the words and melody just so I don’t forget. Rarely do I forget though,” said Fungisai.

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She said at one time encountered celebrated preacher Ezekiel Guti in a dream as she continued working on the album.

“Amongst the songs is the song to celebrate Jesus which I then had to engage Flame B to help me with voice training since it was clearly not my accustomed type of music.

“To do this song I had an encounter with Baba Guti in a dream. I was standing with a great choir before a massive congregation and he (Baba Guti) was encouraging me to lead the choir in that song.

“I argued with him citing that it was not my type of music, I even told him this was Frank Edwards’ song but most people demanded that I sing it,” she said.

The Toita Zvedenga singer said she did not even know the song but was delivered to her in a dream.

“I didn’t know the song but when I woke up I was singing it loud and clear and we had to go to studio with Flame B and I realised at last there was someone to guide me on this type of music,” she added.

The album is a product of prophetic voices that came through visions.

“It has been years since I saw or talked to Donna Chibaya Tagara but I was being pestered in my sleep.

“I only had peace when I got up after midnight one day and I was singing the chorus together with the current message it carries.

“I strongly believe that the Spirit of God puts these messages on my heart for specific times, settings and audiences.

“One thing that make me believe that is the unending relevance of the messages most of such specific songs carry.”

Some of the songs to feature on the album include Ngaaone, Mutsvene, Tomorrow, Tiri Vana Vehumambo and NaJesu Tinoenda Kure. H-Metro