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Mutare police couple in maintenance fight

MUTARE – The Mutare Civil Court was brought to a standstill on Monday after a police officer protested against paying maintenance to his wife saying they are staying under one roof.

File picture of traffic police in Zimbabwe
File picture of traffic police in Zimbabwe

Tapiwa Perukai was dragged to court by his wife, Farisai Zhou, who was claiming $205 for the upkeep of their three-month-old baby.

Both are police officers who get a monthly income of $475 each. Presiding over the matter was Mutare magistrate, Mrs Annie Ndiraya.

“I am married to this woman and I will not pay any maintenance if she is still under my roof. She has to move out of my house with immediate effect if she needs that money deposited into her account.

“She is trying to fix me, so I will fix her back. Zhou is a police officer like me and can afford taking care of that child on her own. She just has to pack her bags and go. I do not love her anymore. I cannot pay maintenance to my wife,” fumed Perukai.

Perukai protested against the application saying it was not fair. Zhou, however, had no problem with moving out of their matrimonial home. She told the court that it was better to move out than to suffer at the hands of the negligent police officer.

“I will move out if that is what he wants. This is as long as I get assistance in taking care of my child,” she said.

Maintenance of $180 was granted regardless of the fact that Perukai had volunteered to pay $60 if Zhou moved out. Manica Post