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Drama as woman threatens to kill tsikamutanda over goblin

By Lungile Tshuma

A 40-year-old Gokwe woman left villagers’ in shock when she used a machete to scare away a traditional healer popularly known as tsikamutanda who had been hired to kill a goblin which was allegedly tormenting her daughters.

File picture of Tsikamutandas operating in the Chiwundura area
File picture of Tsikamutandas operating in the Chiwundura area

The woman, of Mhondogori village, reportedly had earlier told the tsikamutanda that her goblin was not giving  anyone problems and she was satisfied with it.

Confirming the development, Chief Njelele said the woman had been summoned to appear before his traditional court  after her daughters had reported the  incident.

“She is yet to appear before the court. Her daughters reported her to us because they felt they were being bewitched by their mother as they cannot be married,” said Chief Njelele.

Headman Samuel Zhou, in whose area the woman stays, said the daughters approached the tsikamutanda for help, as they thought she had a hand in why they were not getting married.

“The woman has two grown up girls who have marriage problems. Both have not  been married and this has been troubling them.  Her daughters decided to seek help from tsikamutanda who came to the homestead only to be chased away by the woman,” Zhou said.

“The tsikamutanda told the girls that the reason why they were not being married was because their mother was keeping a goblin which was acting as their husband.”

Headman Zhou said hell broke loose when the tsikamutanda came to kill the goblin even after the woman had openly told him that “her” goblin was not troubling anyone.

Said the headman:  “She said no one has the right to come and conduct a cleansing ceremony when there were no problems.  Ruth openly told the tsikamutanda that her goblin was not giving anyone   any problems and all was well in her family.

“The tsikamutanda was very arrogant as he wanted to kill the goblin and set the girls free.  The drama began when the woman took a machete to scare away the tsikamutanda who then ran away and vowed never to come back.” Sunday News