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Pastor impregnates, then dumps lover

By Blessing Masakadza

A local church pastor has been accused of double crossing and impregnating a 25 year old girl friend before ditching her for another woman.

Pastor Clement Lufaneti
Pastor Clement Lufaneti

Pastor Clement Lufaneti formerly with the Heartfelt International Ministries was reportedly dating the lady identified as Tafadzwa allegedly lying to her that he had broken up with his long-time lover Evelyn Tinosekwa.

Reports are that when news was broken to him that Tafadzwa was pregnant he began shifting goal posts saying he was married.

The man of cloth reportedly started dating Tafadzwa in June last year and has been allegedly lying to her about his relationship status.

“The two have been dating since June last year. Tafadzwa got the news about Evelyn and confronted Clement who denied the relationship. He said he had broken up with her and they continued dating. When she told him that she was pregnant that is when he started becoming evasive. He then told Tafadzwa that it was impossible to be with her as he is married,” said the source.

“He promised to look after her, renting a house for her but that has not come to fruition and Tafazdwa is having a rough life,” added the source.

Contacted for comment, the man of cloth said he does not know anyone by the name Tafadzwa.

He said he never dated her and said she could be a person after tarnishing his image.

“I do not know that person; I never dated a Tafadzwa. Everything is not true and there is need for a thorough investigation because this could be someone only after tarnishing my image. If I knew her or dated her there will be nothing to hide but in this case, it is not true,” he said.

Tafadzwa was shocked to hear that the pastor disowned her.

She insisted that she had a relationship with the man of the cloth.

“He cannot say he does not know me when I have proof that we were together. He is lying,” she said. H Metro