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Man caught making out with dog at lover’s house

By Blessing Masakadza

In a bizarre incident, which sent tongues wagging in Epworth, a married man was on Sunday night allegedly caught making out with a dog behind a toilet at his lover’s house.

Never Mpofu's lover
Never Mpofu’s live-in-lover was at a loss of words

Never Mpofu, who was allegedly busted by police officers on patrol in the area at around 10pm, reportedly caused a scene as ladies of the night engaged in a mini-demo, lashing at him for ‘disrespecting’ their services.

His live-in-lover was at a loss of words after her lover’s alleged actions, describing them as highly embarrassing. She said she felt disrespected as she was in the house during the time of the incident.

“This is embarrassing; I could not even follow him to the police station. Zvinonyadzisa. Akadzoka inini hangu handichamuda pamba pangu.

“Sometimes you end up saying it’s better to be alone, pane kuti unemurume iye iota zvakadai,” she said.

Mpofu was reportedly caught in the act by two cops who were on an anti-robbery patrol who heard him calling the dog.

A close source told H-Metro that Mpofu was heard snapping his fingers and the cops waited patiently to see his actions.

Reports are that the dog initially fled but he lured it from across the road.

“The dog had escaped from him but he lured it back and held it in his hands. All was in the eyes of the cops.

“He moved to the back of the toilet and the police followed him and found him kneeling behind the dog. The cops saw him with his zip open. Anga atori netsine ne mvere dzembwa,” said the source.

His lover was reportedly called to the scene much to her embarrassment.

“Unoshaya kuti anga ashayei. Ini hangu handichadi, munhu anondipa chirwere chembwa. Munhu anoti apedza paimbwa ouya paurizve handidi.

“This is not a good thing for me. He usually comes home late and you never know maybe that is what he always does. I will not lose anything if he goes. Haatenge kana chikafu. I was just staying with him as a lover” she said.

Mpofu was held at Epworth Police Station and was likely to be charged with bestiality.

“Vakadzi vakabuda vakaungana, ma**re aisvika 15 akamuti daiwakumbira waisambonyimwa. Vaitopopota,” said a source.

He was reportedly in denial, disputing the alleged bestiality accusations. H Metro