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Chamisa says ‘what we have now is 19 seats out of a contested election’

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has celebrated grabbing 19 out of 28 National Assembly seats and 75 out of 122 council seats during the by-election on Saturday but is still worried the polls were rigged in some places.

Chamisa on Monday morning addressed journalists in Harare on his analysis of the by-election results. His newly formed CCC party garnered more seats than its competitors, Zanu-PF which got nine seats.

The ruling party captured Epworth and Mutasa South, once opposition strongholds.

The opposition leader welcomed the victory.

“What we have now is 19 seats out of a contested election. A resounding victory. We want to thank the citizens who have shown us that from nothing, we are now number 19,” Chamisa said.

Chamisa claimed that Zanu-PF rigged the election particularly in rural areas. He cited an incident in Mutasa South where “the whole village was asked to claim that they can’t read or write” so that they could be assisted to vote.

“The chief was there. The local village heads were there, looking at people,” Chamisa said.

He added: “Had it not been for rigging and other shenanigans that we saw particularly in the countryside we would be talking almost about 26 of 28.

“The citizens are very clear. They have made a bold statement that they believe in the CCC. There is a new kid on the block. This is our first victory and we have done so well.”

MDC Alliance leader Douglas Mwonzora who is responsible for the recalls that led to the by-election did not win anything.

Zimbabwe is set to hold its harmonised election in 2023. Chamisa said he will be engaging the Southern African Development Community and United Nations over the need for electoral reforms. Nehanda Radio