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Dog rape accused acquitted

By Sharon Buwerimwe/ Brenda Zinyuke

A 29 year old man from Bulawayo heaved a sigh of relief after he was acquitted of allegedly having sexual intercourse with a dog at his girlfriend’s house.

File picture of people waiting outside the Western Commonage Magistrates Courts in Bulawayo
File picture of people waiting outside the Western Commonage Magistrates Courts in Bulawayo

It had been alleged that Kingdom Dube from Mbundane suburb had sex with the dog identified as Snoopy.

Dube pleaded not guilty to a bestiality charge before Western Commonage magistrate, Ms Tancy Dube.

The magistrate said the State failed to prove that Dube had sexual intercourse with the dog as the witnesses were drunk and gave contradicting testimonies.

“The court considered evidence that was presented and it’s clear that Dube didn’t commit the alleged offence.

“It was dark and the witness did not clearly see what happened. We can also not rely on the evidence that was given by a drunk person. He’s therefore acquitted and discharged,” ruled magistrate Dube.

Previously, the accused person had told the court that he had gone to look for his girlfriend when her neighbour, Mr Clifford Mangwana and his wife accused him of having sex with the dog.

“I had gone to look for my girlfriend who had promised to change my R20 into bond notes. I was seated down in the yard waiting for her when all of a sudden the complainant came to me and accused me of raping the dog,” he said.

Prosecuting, Mr Tapiwa Solani said on Saturday last week at around 10PM, Mr Mangwana was at his house when his wife told him that there were some movements outside.

“The complainant and his wife both peeped through the window where they saw the accused person kneeling down, half dressed. The accused person was also seen with his organ inserted in the dog’s anus and he was holding the dog tightly,” said the prosecutor.

He said Mr Mangwana went outside and found Dube with his pants down.

Mr Mangwana testified that he caught Dube in act with a dog.

“We both peeped through the window where we saw the accused person kneeling down in my neighbour’s yard with his trousers at knee level and the dog was in between his legs,” he said.

“I asked him what he was doing with the dog and he told me that he was waiting for his girlfriend. To my surprise he did not have a belt on neither did he have his shoes.”

The court heard that Mr Mangwana apprehended him and took him to a police station where he was arrested. The Chronicle