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Macheso wives furious over pregnant ‘girlfriend’

SUNGURA ace Alick Macheso’s plea to his second wife Tafadzwa Mapako to keep her cool in the hit song Tafadzwa, fell on deaf ears at the family show held at the Harare Gardens last week.

Macheso and wife Tafazdwa
Macheso and wife Tafazdwa

Tafadzwa is said to have caused a stir after spotting one of her husband’s girlfriends in the crowd. She responded by throwing away her food in frustration. The scene is said to have occurred when the show that featured Macheso and Progress Chipfumo on Sunday afternoon had just started.

The alert Tafadzwa, who was tucking into her pizza, was annoyed by the latest competition for her hubby’s affections and reportedly sent her food flying into the crowd.

“Seeing the woman, who is said to be pregnant did not go down well with her. She suspects that her husband (Macheso) is already hunting for yet another wife,” our source said.

The source — who spoke on condition of anoymity — added that Nyadzisai, Macheso’s first wife, who also saw the girlfriend, then confronted Macheso’s uncle — who is one of his managers over the issue.

“There are reports that mudhara is planning to marry yet another wife, and that rumour is already causing problems between the three,” the source said.

However, Macheso scoffed at the idea saying, he had no plans of marrying a third wife.

“Kuroora vakadzi harisi business rinounza mari muhomwe, kana kuitisa dumbu,”(Marrying yet another wife, is not a business venture or something that can put food on the table).

“Eeeh vanhu vanotaura, vagara havarege asi handimo mundima iyo ( People will always have something to talk about, and I cannot begrudge them on that, but that is not true.

“Vandinavo ivo vakakwana. Nditori mushishi yekutotsvaga zvingararamise mhuri ( The two I have are enough for me. Right now, I am busy looking for opportunities so that I can maintain my family,” he said.

Macheso, added that he boasted of a huge fan base, adding that he could not rule out that they would always be one or two of his fans, harbouring ambitions of having a relationship with him.

“Zita rekuti Macheso rakura. Varipo vanoshuvira zvavanoshuvira, asika, kungoshuvirawo zvavo. Purazi rino rine varidzi ( Macheso has become a brand name, and there will always be some women who may want to try their luck. The truth is I am taken,)” he said.

Macheso married his second wife, Tafadzwa two years ago before being linked to his maid, one Adelene Hunidzarira, for whom he paid lobola and later disowned.

He recently moved from his Chitungwiza base to the newly built house in Waterfalls with his first wife, Nyadzisai, although Tafadzwa also lives in the same neighbourhood. The Herald