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Tsvangirai new wife 7 months pregnant

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai might have married his long term girlfriend, wealthy businesswoman Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo on Monday but today Nehanda Radio.com can reveal that the 39 year old is also 7 months pregnant.

Wealthy businesswoman Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo
Wealthy businesswoman Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo

With Tembo due to give birth in two months it would appear Tsvangirai was under pressure to complete the formalities before she gave birth. It might also be a case of ‘double joy’ with highly placed sources telling Nehanda Radio.com that Tembo is expecting twins.

The traditional marriage ceremony was witnessed by over 200 people at the Tembo family home in Christon Bank, about 20 km north-west of Harare. Tsvangirai paid US$36 000 lobola for his new wife who already has a 16 year-old child from a previous marriage.

Tsvangirai also paid 10 cattle that were delivered to the in-laws as part of the package. He was also charged five cattle at US$400 per beast. His children Vimbai and first born son Edwin are reported to have given their approval to the marriage. Edwin was part of Tsvangirai’s delegation to the Tembo homestead.

Tsvangirai’s wife Susan died in a highly suspicious car accident in March 2009 with accusations the Prime Minister was the actual target. It was Nehanda Radio.com that first reported in October that Tsvangirai was planning on a white wedding in December this year.

Our sources say it now depends on when Tsvangirai’s official residence in Highlands, Harare will be completed. The house is currently undergoing renovations and is reportedly almost complete. The PM is adamant Tembo will not live in the Strathhaven home that he shared with his late wife Susan.

Ms Tembo was born in 1972 at Chinotimba Hospital in Victoria Falls when her father worked for a transport company in the resort town. She attended Queen Elizabeth High School in Harare before enrolling at Speciss College for a Diploma in Business Management. Ms Tembo is a commodity broker who supplies goods to several chain stores in Harare and South Africa.

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She is the fifth born in a family of six, four girls and two boys and has one child, a 16-year old boy, from a previous marriage. Ms Tembo last year appeared in public accompanying PM Tsvangirai at Joyce Meyer’s Festival of Life Conference in Harare. They were together with the PM’s two children Vimbai and Edwin and his chief secretary, Mr Ian Makone. Nehanda Radio.com