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Ivy Kombo ex-husband speaks out on marriage

Chapter 1

By a guest correspondent

Reverend Edmore Moyo, the ex-husband of disgraced gospel singer Ivy Kombo, has spoken out for the first time about how his marriage was destroyed by Pastor Admire Kasi, the man who as foster father looked after the orphaned Ivy and her twin sister Anne Kombo since they were eight years old (although some say 13 years old).

Speaking exclusively to Nehanda Radio in London recently Rev Moyo says the media never once gave him the chance to tell his side of the story forcing him to maintain a dignified silence throughout the scandal. He says he now feels the time is right for him to explain what really happened.

For those unfamiliar with the story a brief summary will help. Ivy Kombo was a famous Zimbabwean gospel singer. Her star appeal began to fall after rumours spread like veld fire that she was having an affair with her foster father and real estate company boss Pastor Kasi then with the ZAOGA church in Zimbabwe.

False Prophets: Admire Kasi & long time lover Ivy Kombo

Despite marrying Rev Moyo in December 2001, Ivy continued the affair with Pastor Kasi under the very nose of both Moyo and Kasi’s own long suffering wife Sarah.

Rev Moyo says although he did not trust Pastor Kasi and knew he was after his wife, he somehow naively trusted Ivy to fend off those advances.

Rev Moyo opened up to Nehanda Radio and his story will shock you on account of the deceit involved. All the human emotions you can think of; love, betrayal, heartbreak etc are there.

We shall be serializing the story every day on this website until Rev Moyo’s side of the story has been told. This is the introduction. Chapter One begins on Sunday, yes Sunday….after all the saga was played out in church.