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Robert Mugabe contradicts wife Grace on succession

Bindura – Zimbabwe’s succession debate took an odd late double twist in Bindura on Saturday afternoon after the Mugabe family differed immensely on the direction the country should take once Robert Mugabe leaves state house.

President Robert Mugabe and First Lady Grace Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe and First Lady Grace Mugabe

Speaking before her husband, Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe took massive swipes at supporters of Emmerson Mnangagwa, and the leadership of the war veterans, Emmerson Mnangagwa himself, and other members of the rival Lacoste faction.

Grace Mugabe revealed her irk at the incident in which the Vice President was pictured holding a mug which read “I AM THE BOSS”. An occurrence she and her allies in a G40 faction insist was treasonous.

But Mugabe took to the podium and dismissed these claims as inconsequential, saying that “ndizvo munhu zvaangafire izvozvo (can a person be persecuted because of a mug).

Yet that was the smallest divergence between the Mugabe family. Earlier this year, Grace Mugabe stated that Mugabe should pick a successor and that his ‘word would be final’.

But Mugabe again threw cold water on these claims, reminding his supporters in the small mining town that the constitution does not allow him to cherry pick a successor.

Mugabe further reminded the audience (which included his wife) that he was a lawyer.

“Handingasiyi mukadzi wangu… zvinoitwa ku France izvozvo (I cannot leave my wife in power, that happens in France.”

Mugabe’s entire mood was a far cry from his wife who was in her usual swash buckling mood who took time to assault Mnangagwa. Khuluma Afrika

  • A good wife to Mugabe,will she make a good mother to the nation?

  • Fake news

  • Many people don’t know that running a country is a legal debacle. Mr Trump is one man fast realising that truth in America. There is the politics of running a country but there are also legalities involved.

  • Mdara anofa nekurohwa naDr Amai akavapikisa..ayi

  • Grace Mugabe is evil, vindictive, insensitive, self absorbed, self centered, power hungry and self destructive.

  • Naome

    Very surprising indeed that one claims to know the constitution and yet one speaks as one in authority. Speaks as a head of state. A head of state who does not even know how to treat and adress his seniour members of the country and of the party. How do you unaddress the seniour members of the party. Pointing fingers at them and accusing them of ranything of all things.How do you tell seniour ministers to relate with your your own favourites and likes. Do they have no mind and no right of their own to reate with their own preferrables. Did you hear ministers saying negatives about Mpoko. What so special about Mpoko just that he seems to oppose your supposadly rival. Please there are more pressi

    Vote of no confidence is applied selectively. Desciplinary actions are applied selectively. The so called G40 are there to stay and the so called Lacoste are fired left and right and people should not be seen with them. What a law what a constitution.
    Failing to exercise self control as the first lady of the country and putting us to shame by the whole world is what is acceptable. Is that not amounting to totally disgrace of the party and the country. Haasi mahinyahinya here. Hakusi kuhwendekedza nyika here. Kurerusa nyika. Noone talks about it at the rally noone talks about it. No disciplinary action taken. Please do not underate our intelect. Siyana ne maseniour members e party and e nyika. Kurerutsa varume vakuru uchiti iwe huya pano infront of their wives and of our choldren. What do our youths learn. Will our girls and young wives respect their husbands. Is it what we call women rights. Very confusing indeed. I listened through and thrugh and to be honest I have never witnessed such abuse of power and position. Even peresident throughout his leadership, has never never adressed people like that, even the lowest citzen of the country has always been adressed and treated with respect.
    Kuswera nezuro it was Kaukonde ndingangodira pama. Nezuro iwe George huya kuno, nhass iwe pa rally of all places.

    Lets go back ku hunhu hwedu hwakaisonaka.

    Thanks to the wisdom of our president who rose to say G40 is there and i narrated its origin and the origibnator. Thanks to him. I learnt a lot of wisdom and humility and I would have expected that those who are very close to him who live with him would benefit more from such a rich and respectiful character.

    • Naome

      Kazembe Kazembe huya kuno kkkkkkk

      Imwi ma Ministers vanoita shun Mpoko, you stop!!!! it. Imwiwe zvinotaurwa kumwana ane makore ari pasi per 10 years old

  • Kkkk amheno kwatirikuyenda

  • she wants Sekeramai for her own security incase sekuru dies as he is at the twilight of his life

  • Why is ZANU putting out its dirty laundry in the public domain? Don’t be fooled- we see thru you!! Hazvichashandi 😂