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Joy as prophet returns tsikamutanda’s goblins

It was a baby-come-back moment for a Gweru tsikamutanda who had lost his goblins to a prophet whom he accused of using them.

Musiyiwa Denhere of Mkoba 20 decided to repent from his evil ways by joining a local Pentecostal church
Musiyiwa Denhere of Mkoba 20 decided to repent from his evil ways by joining a local Pentecostal church

Musiiwa Denhere of Mkoba 20 in Gweru says he is excited that Gweru-based Prophet Luke Chivasa gave him back his three goblins.

“Chivasa finally gave me back the three goblins that he had taken away when I went to his church to seek deliverance. The three goblins Chavasikana, Chavakomana and Chamufodya have been delivered to me and I will soon start practising again,” said the ecstatic Denhere.

Denhere also said that he would send his three goblins to Malawi for a refresher course.

“I will have to send the goblins to Malawi for re-initiation since they have lost their powers. Their initiation will be done under water since I use marine spirits to perform my duties,” said Denhere.

In January this year, Denhere approached Prophet Chivasa as he wanted to repent from his evil doings.

He claims that Prophet Chivasa confiscated his three goblins and promised him that he would lead a peaceful and normal life.

This was, however, not the case as Denhere was haunted by the marine spirits that demanded the goblins back and also destroyed his property.

The marine spirits also demanded that he gets his goblins back and continue practising or else he risked losing his life and children.

Left with no option, Denhere went back several times to the man of the cloth to ask for his goblins back with no success.

He had to threaten the prophet and his congregants with death if his goblins were not delivered to him.

Denhere said he had his goblins delivered to his house by the church officials after a long struggle.B-Metro


  • the tools are back

  • Some pple will think e covered kid z e bak goblin …..wat type of jornalism are u displaying

    • Jemhusi Bond

      The hiding of the identity of the child is a must because they must be protected from harm. It didnt start with this publication. Nothing wrong there.

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  • Stupid stories you are posting

  • Team rimwe varoyi vese

  • Gweru is a dangerous place. Pastors and witches exchanging goblins.

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  • Oh God ” those false prophets are now with us! It’s now time to understand who you are, which site do you belongs, when you see all these things happen you might also know that the Son of Many is now around the conner. Its time to Praise the Lord…

  • Murume Mukuru

    What a bullsh.. story. Reporter, you cant just take a psychotic man and write down his delusions and say its news.Pathetic.

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  • Langabi Shakespear Ngomane


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  • If u squint at the pic u realise its a normal child not a goblin

  • and pple are still attendin dat fake church,i hope his own globins must strike him with death evil man.

  • Jemhusi Bond

    In one of his videos, this guy is heard claiming that all masowe prophets have blood in their hands and that the Magayas and Chivasas were clean and didnt use any such powers. I am surprised that instead of destroying these goblins this “clean” prophet Chivasa was still keeping them, for what I wonder.
    Now this guy will learn that despite the hype of these modern money prophets, none of them has the power to destroy a goblin, I see you heading to masowe one of these days and eventually becoming a mupostori at masowe yourself. Trying to renew them will not work my friend, you will be back in the press again moaning that you made the worst move life by accepting them back.
    Uchano ponera kumasowe my friend, udzidze kusatuka vanhu vanenge vachizvinamatira vakanyarara.