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Makandiwa prophesies Mugabe’s death?

By Lance Guma

Popular evangelist Emmanuel Makandiwa has prophesied the imminent death of someone he says has deprived people of their freedom in the country. The 34 year old founder of the United Family International Church (UFIC) also said the country will be plunged into political chaos and urged people to start praying.

Popular evangelist Emmanuel Makandiwa has prophesied the imminent death of someone he says has deprived people of their freedom in the country.
Popular evangelist Emmanuel Makandiwa has prophesied the imminent death of someone he says has deprived people of their freedom in the country.

Makandiwa said this during a church service on Sunday, the same day Nigerian ‘prophet’ Temitope Balogun Joshua (TB Joshua) repeated his prophecy that “the death of an old African president” is imminent. In February T.B Joshua announced that an African leader would die within 60 days, but did not mention the country.

A truck to be used for Judgement Night
A truck to be used for Judgement Night

On Friday an estimated 100,000 UFIC church members are set to converge on the National Sports Stadium for what has been billed as ‘Judgment Night’. Eerily the theme of the service is ‘Your Enemy is Going to Die on that Night’and Makandiwa said “lots of things are going to happen.”

“Because of our environment, I will not give much detail, but as prophets, we choose what to say and what not to say. For now, all I can say is pray for Zimbabwe. Judgment Night has already created its atmosphere and our enemies are ready to die. We can’t reverse it, unless they repent before the night,” he said.

The charismatic evangelist issued a chilling warning saying: “They are dying. Somebody has to die on that Friday morning so that you will be set free. Some people may blame the church, but God is ready to make changes. Are you ready to be blamed? An angel of death shall be released.”

A UFI Evangelism Outreach and Relief truck
A UFI Evangelism Outreach and Relief truck

Makandiwa also predicted that his church would be persecuted as a result of his prophecies, saying: “I see a group of professionals in Zimbabwe spearheading attacks against the ministry. I will not give you their names, but these are going to come from sectors with these initials: the D and the M and the J”.

The young prophet has surprised many with his pulling power. His services easily fill up the 60,000 seater National Sports Stadium in Harare. His wealth has also come under increasing scrutiny after he bought a Lexus 570 sports utility vehicle and a 61-piece Italian-made PA system worth US$100,000.

Makandiwa is also building a multi-million-dollar 30,000 seat church in Chitungwiza
Makandiwa is also building a multi-million-dollar 30,000 seat church in Chitungwiza

Makandiwa is also building a multi-million-dollar 30,000 seat church in Chitungwiza. Questions were raised about the deal that saw him get the land, with the local MP and some residents alleging corruption.

Makandiwa preaches what is known as the ‘prosperity gospel’, a doctrine which claims that financial blessings are the will of God and that faith, positive speech and donations to Christian ministries will always increase one’s material wealth.

In one service he boasted that when he crashed his Mercedes Benz S320 it was quickly replaced by a brand-new S600.

Last year Makandiwa showered a Waterfalls couple, and one of the Mahendere Brothers gospel singers, with a house and a Mercedes Benz vehicle as gifts for their wedding. This wealth concept has tapped in to the high unemployment levels and poverty in the country with thousands of followers rushing to join his church.

The young preacher has cashed in by getting donations from rich and poor people alike and selling ‘spiritual airtime’ vouchers. Last month he was given a licence to begin publishing a monthly magazine called ‘The Family’. It’s also reported he might be launching a newspaper very soon ‘to grow his following and reach.’ SW Radio Africa

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    uyu mkomana akuda kubuda muzimbabwe uyu nhai??Achanoporofita akandwa kumhiri kwalimpopo

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       Taura Hako

    • Princemangunda

      plse dont threaten other pple we need freedom of speech and worship!!!!

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    i hateeeeeeeeee this website because its soooooooo MDC/biased chi webste chemhanga mhanga

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      iwe taura hako.

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      waverengerei nhai mboko ugctfyj go and sleep gay boy

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      iwe ndiwe wemangamanga haunanyaya tibvire apo bharanzi

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    death on a friday…. pa Easter ka apa

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    ndinonzwa kutya Mwari

  • Eric

    imhata mfana uyu ..wese wari kuti gushungo anofa …manje ndiwo wachato svirwa kumhata ne ZANU Mirayi Muone

    • Charliec

      mukoma hapana munhu anoenda nendege kudenga kana nguva yakwana hapana chekuita on the other hand no sane person would like to see the death of someone the man empowered a lot

      • Dcs

        He empowered a lot ka, but also killed and made even more to suffer, saka ka statement kako kari invalid aka


          i want to tell you the people of short faith you must ask god and god gives the true about all you want to know,,,spouse you must not talk vaguer words  like you say ask to god he reply you soon,

    • Kunaka Homba

      taurazvako mwanawe vhu.mhata nebecheraambuyavake

  • Guest

    Now this is bringing reproach to the word.Church has Nothing to do with the death of other human beings.Vasina minda ndivo vanofarira kunzwa zvakadai.Why not call for more prayer which is the true christian attitude.

  • Lovtech

    Aingo taura nezvekufa kwaJesu. Handiti ndiyo nguva yeEaster. Vemapepa vanowedzera kuti nhau dzavo dzitengwe

  • craig

    You are now swimming in the deep waters makandiwa. You have absolutely no power in the Lord’s name to prophecy death of another human being. The masses that are following you be warned are the “i want get rich quickly” like yourself they want to buy a Long nose truck labelled be blessed full of gold. It is eathly and satanic to wish someone dead. Authorities do something about these ambitious people.

    To patriotic Zimbabweans ONLY,i say this day is better than the yesteryears that you survived on the dreadful sanctions. You are working so hard to give your hard earned money to some Mongers like Makandiwa. Anongoda Mari yenyu chete. On the so called “judgement night” just find out how much in church givings Makandiwa is going to earn. whilst your children will be crying for food you will be busy feeding Makandiwas children. Wake up Zimbabweans.

    if makandiwa thinks he can lay politics by abusing church goers he better be good cause he will be another Tsvangirayi. No clever Zimbabwean like me can even blink without noticings these High eteemed ambitious the so called prophet Makandiwa, Angels and TB joshua. They can concertrate on cheating these idiots who go to their churches seeking revival in the worldly riches and not their souls.

    • Truthword

      I think Craig needs to understand the Christian faith and the bible before commenting. The bible upon which Christianity is based, is full of stories of Prophets who were sent by God to go and tell a king/person about an impending death. Look at King Ahab, Jezebel, King Hezekiah. They all received prophecies of their death before their passing.By no means am I saying Makandiwa’s prophecy is true or false. I don’t think it’s up to me, you or anyone to judge. Only time will tell. Do you think when Noah prophesied about the flood, only animals were going to die. No, it was to tell people to prepare or they will die, and the non believers perished. These are only but a few bible examples of bible prophecies that people would die. The word is only for believers and it is up to you to believe or not. Prophecies are for people like King Hezekiah, who take them, act upon them to help them prepare and cry to the Lord for repentance and mercy. 
      On giving I do not think any one is forced to give in Makandiwa’s church or any other church. So do not blame the man if he preaches what is in the word and believers act upon that word. Of course what I am saying may not make sense to many. Remember the gospel of God is foolishness to those who are perishing but it is the power God to those being saved.

      • ZimTruthfully

         And I bet u think u are very right in this crap u have just said lol

        • Be careful

          Whoever you think you are, be careful what you say. May God have mercy on your soul!!! God is watching and listening

    • Basamasa

      Please you known as Craig, Withdraw the name TB Joshua on your comment. He is God’s mouth piece. Otherwise, God curses those who curse His anointed. If your church is sleepy thus it does not demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit, shame and to hell. We worship the God who was, now He is, and will forever be the same.

      • ZimTruthfully

         Shut up. TB Joshua is a master conman.

        • Be careful

          Whoever you think you are, be careful what you say. May God have mercy on your soul!!!

        • Moses

          All these mushrooming churches are hustlers. Their main purpose is to steal money from poor people. Why would God want poor people’s money? Why cant He make his own money? Or give his people ideas to run fund raising programs? TB Joushua like most Nigerian churches are there to make money. STOP this evil!

    • Abelmagaya

      Taura hako shamwari,JEHOVA Mwari havafarire kufa kwevanhu, tha devil,satan munyengeri ndiye anofarira kufakwevanhu,aporofitiswa na satan kwete naMwari watinoziva . this guys oll they want is money

    • Zindo

      Craig God bless you unozivaMwari waunonamata kwete zvevafanidzi avo

  • Henry

    This website was quite interesting at first with state of affairs in general in Zimbabwe, but the undertones of pro-mdc are becoming more and more apparent, how do I as a neutral diaspora come to an informed decision, surely everyone is contributing to the current demise, what are our “realistic options”?

  • Cde_gabarinocheka

    …..And forgive us our trespasses,As we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil…. this is what i understand. i will not wish death upon any soul, for it is Gods will, not men of flesh.

  • mose

    touch not the anointing one be warned

  • Shairwadzi22

    lets pray wait  and see the glory of god

  • Charliec

    kufira pabasa se watch not good to be honest he tried this man varungu vanoda kutishandisa chete muchaona very soon guys

  • Manasa James Musharu

    a real man of God must pray if bad things are to happen,he must not let them happen….beware of false prophets

  • Zhingzhong

    kuvhunduka chati kwata….Makandiwa hameno hako ukaita zvekutyiswa nevanhu.Even Prophet Isaiah in the bible was told by God to warn Hezekiah that he was going to die.The issue is repentance.If they are proud enough to refuse to take heed let them die and go to hell.People dont waste your time if God says yes,who are you?Ndivo vaporofita vatinoda ava vanoprofita national disasters kwete kungopa vanhu mvura muzvigubhu.

  • Majimboz2003

    @Craig i dont think you understand the prophesy at all. Prophesying is foretelling, the future in the now. Prophesying is not a wish for something to happen. In the bible it is said that the prophecy should come true for it to be considered as true and from God. Why dont you wait and see.. Latest news says Malawi President is dead, sudden death etc  coming to pass what TB Joshua said. I think what’s needed now is for us to fear God and repent. People who go these churches are not fools or idiots as you put it…. be proud and blessed to be alive in these times. God’s hand is at work!!!

  • Majimboz2003

    Eric you need to be taught manners. Through these words i have written here may the prayers to be done on judgement day save your soul. You need help and God will give you help tomorrow night. Amen and Amen

  • Rotandamaa

    makandiwa itsotsi. imi vanhu indava kupusa so, munhu wamwari, munhu wamwari chii chacho, u have made this young boy rich, ende satan uyu akaaoma, how come you are not seeing daylight robbery, verengai bhaibheri

  • Blessing

    This guy meant the Malawian President….Bingu wa Mutharika.I hear he is seriously ill right now.

  • muchadura

    Again I will say touch not my anointed ones so says the word.

  • Matsikas33

    Inga zvakaoma nhai vanhu wee!

  • Pmagirazi

    Zvekupenga zvaMakandiwa izvi. Tirikutogadzirira kuenda Ku 21st Movement Gala next year 2013. Long Live Mudhara Bob. 

  • Chriss

    no nid to comment if u don hev somthin to sae kana munhu aratidzwa aratidzwa dai ari murungu aprofita maibvuma kuti zvabva kunaMwari asi nekuti aiitirei munhu mutema anoshandiswa na Mwari maakuti anonyepa kana kuti kutsvaka mari hatidi godo kuvamwe itawo shungugu uchapiwa apko.

  • Pcharmer704

    musanyeperwe nezvikwambo imi regai tione kuti anosvika kupi zvirema nemapofu azvipedza here akuda kuuraya vanhu if he is a man of god ngaatange asunungura varwere.this man really sucks anoda ngaamuudze

  • Benzyangu

    No need to fight about this, Makandiwa did not mention any names but was specific about time, place, and character of individual, hence Bingu aruma pasi. What then do the doubters have to say about the gift of prophecy. Kana ivo vagushungo vano farira ndege knows kuti he is taking chances whenever he flys.

  • Chiefofstaff1

    Prophet, you mean Obama, Cameron and Morgay! We shall see.

  • Mattndhl

    why do people wish sme1 2 die kana vaifunga kuti ndigushungo manje akapotsa 

  • tinoda chokwadi

    vangani vakafa.musanyebere vanhu…

  • Mbuya

    tsotsis were empowered and would like to keep getting rich and amssing wealth rather than creating wealth. But why do we have to argue with a prophecy, did we not hear Jesus telling Peter than he will deny Jesus three times?

  • Seanmanyela

    hamheno we just leave everything 2 jesus

  • Famedesigners

    eric ndiwe mhata dnt judge a man of god …he neva said who was gonna die and its not from him who dies and who doesnt he is juss a medium used by god to spread his message to pple …and dnt be jealosuy of how other pple offer to go

  • Mchimutanda

    Makandiwa is only into money. the bible say, zviri nyore kuti ngamera ipinde nepaburi retsono pane mupfumi kupinda muhumambo hwekudenga.  Jaya mupfumi rakanzi tengesa zvese unditevere. Zvanzi rwisai kupinda nesuo rakamanikana. zvani hokoyo iwe pasi satani achaita minana achizviita muchinda wechiedza.  CHENJERAI HAMA

  • Tanyanyiwa82


  • Jose

     Makandiwa did not say Mugabe. Mugabe is a politician not a professional 

  • Mipinyi Webadza

    Iwe Eric – tendeuka mfana. Mukanwa mako makafira matatya chaizvo. Hapana nharo dzaungaite naMwari kunyangwe ukatukirira sei. Even Ghadaffi akafawo wano. I can state for a fact that 100 years from now unenge usisipo panyika.

  • Tawandamazula

    i have no comment becoz im not sure if he is the man of god or not remember the bible says there are going to b faulse prophets

  • Dynamogara


  • tatenda

    guys Zvamwari siyanai nazvo hantie

  • 2pac

    We are zanupf panthers.

  • Anonymous

    god loves people, but people dont love god that’s why anyone can say what ever he/she wants

  • Jabulani

    mukoma tambayi nezvimwe chitupa hachiwachwi,mada kuita kunonzi kufarisa,makambomamiswa here,kana musati itayi zvamakuita izvi,ndatopedza nemi so?

  • achimwene

    uku ndokutsvaga kusungwa manje

  • ruru

    The True Gospel and message of Christ is the message of Repentence. How will money get you into heaven?? if you have a BMW or lexus or whatever, how will that get you into heaven. People should focus on the REAL message of Christ. Christ, or any of the prophets did not indulge in prosperity, they repeatedly told people TO REPENT!!!! Hallelujah. Without biblical knowledge a lot shall be led astray, it says in the bible in the last days false prophets will rise and they will teach doctrines based on basic principles of this world, and it also says they will tell people what they want to hear. It also says TEST spirits. May the Holy spirit grant everyone discernment because theres a fine line between fake and reality. Remember the devil knows the word of God very well, he was an angel before, i mean, he even attacked the son of God using the Word. what a gutsy loser.The word in the bible is the TRUTH. anything else added to that should be carefuly examined. Anything not backed by what our Saviour Jesus Christ taught is wish washy.

  • Abee maarz

    Pliz musava agnaist ne munhu wamwari nekuti muchachema

  • Tinaani Mwakutuya

    This website yakadhakwa kuswera kunyepera vanhu vamwari,imi ndimi makuzviita maprophets kuenterpreter prophecy zvisirizvo.

  • Chimbwido Warvet

    These are the churches that are exploiting the ignorance foolishness of our people. These prophets are only found on the African continent where there is a lack of knowledge. In the European Union or Americas, people will simply ignore him. And they are stealing in broad daylight from the vulnerable people of the African continent. It is a shame that in this day and age people still believe in this nonsense that talk of the death of a man who brought independence to the country and not talk about getting reparations from the British government for the nearly two hundred years the country was exploited of its natural resources as well as human slavery. This is what all churches in Zimbabwe should be preaching about today but none of them talks about these glaring difficulties our people have suffered at the hands of the British people and their government. This needs learned and educated evangelists, not these crap ones who only think of exploiting their own vulnerable people. The Holy Bible should be used in its proper context and not this idiocy that is being promoted by this so called church.

  • Ishe

    What does the Word of God say…..then follow it…….its two yrs now