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The Wraith of Death: (Loosely based on Ginimbi) Chapter 7 – The Second Heaven

Wizards on Pulpits, Foxes in Vineyards & Sorcerers in Corporates

Gini landed in ‘Second Heaven’, a Cosmic void of darkest blackness, the devils campground. A place where Fallen angels rule and reside, the headquarters of all the demonic kingdoms. An empire of demons of power, personality and purpose, Principalities, Authorities, Powers and Rulers of darkness. Spiritual hosts of wickedness!

The atmosphere was filled with animosity, belligerent, oppression, fear and intimidation.

The spirit beings were as vast in number as the sand of the seashore, an empire of legions that demonstrated a superior power more than any other demons Gini had ever seen in Pandemonium world. They were dressed in thousands of different forms and shapes according to their areas of expertise.

Every demon knew their role and mandate in the Kingdom. It was much like a structured military chain of command, a division of power with rank, order and protocol. The strongest demons dominated the weak, following orders and structures regulated by spiritual laws.

In the Second Heaven, the top tier is the trinity of Satan, that is Satan, False Prophet and the Beast, ruling over land, air and sea.

The second in rank, are the Powers, Rulers and the Authorities. The third in rank are the Principalities, residing over territories, ruling over Continents, Countries, States and Cities. The fourth tier are the Senior or Supervisory demons that rule over earthbound demons.

The last in rank are the earthbound demons that influence and inflict human beings. Within the same rank of earthbound demons, there are Familiar or Monitoring spirits, assigned to every human being, from family generation to generation, reporting every personal information.

The accusers of the brethren, operating in the name of Satan using whatever means necessary or available to inflict and torment people.

Gini noticed distinct strikingly handsome demons that looked like warrior angels, giants with taurine eyes glittering with hostility.

They were in charge, commanders who gave orders to all other demons on land, air and in water. He learnt that they were the Fallen angels, formerly known as the Cherubim, cast out of Heaven by God, the top tier in the demonic world.

Fallen Angels operate on international scales, they are responsible for global decisions, pandemics, epidemics, global recession, economic crisis, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars and political turmoil.

They control world leaders and the world at large to the point of influencing elections and deciding who becomes President in each nation except a few nations who are dedicated to God Almighty. They control the affairs of every territory on Earth, Air and Sea.

Gini saw another legion of demons, the Nephilim, hybrid of Fallen Angels and daughters of Man (Genesis 6 verse 4), the Powers, Rulers and the Authorities, known as the Principalities.

They looked different from Fallen Angels but had striking similarities and personalities. These demons looked like warriors too, except that they were half-human half-angels.

They are the Authorities and Rulers over divided territories on land, water and air, reporting to the Fallen Angels. Their mandate is to monitor continents and certain tasked geographical locations in the world, such as countries, states, cities, towns and districts.

They bind countries and cities with spirits of corruption, idolatry, poverty, hardship and spirit of bloodshed. That is why some countries or cities are known for certain notorious characteristics e.g. some cities are bound by spirits of fornication, drug abuse, gambling, immorality and many other spirits. They are the second in chain of command, giving orders to all demons beneath them.

As Gini wondered around, he noticed that the demons underneath the Nephilim had various shapes and forms. Some resembled earthly animals, some were half human and half animals, reptilian and another group looked revoltingly morbid like nothing he had ever seen in the Pandemonium realm.

One thing that amazed Gini was that, he was able to comprehend information without having to communicate, there was no dialogue. Without having to apply any faculty, whatever he wanted to know, was just downloaded to him.

He became aware that the demons that resembled animals were melancholic demons of murder, brutality, sadism and carnage. They were the demons in charge of possessing some people on earth to commit brutal and unthinkable crimes.

He saw another legion of demons that looked revoltingly morbid, despised by their own companions, they did not associate with other demons except in line of duty. He realized that they were the demons of rejection, hatred and isolation, responsible for causing bad luck, loneliness and being hated for nothing. Gini learnt that people afflicted by such demons, experienced rejection in families, workplaces, relationships and associations. Conflict spirits, mandated to cause division, strife, chaos, disunity and confusion to everything that is fruitful.

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The demons that resembled human beings were the demons of Necromancy and Divination.

They mimic the dead, manifesting in the physical world (earth) as ghosts, spirits of the dead or ancestors. They are also known as familiar spirits or monitoring spirits, they possess spirit mediums, seers, and witchdoctors who claim to be able to communicate with the dead.

He discerned that the group of demons that were half human and half animals, were the demons of fear and self-destruction.

They possess human beings with the spirit of fear and distraction in different areas of life. They cripple potentials and lead people away from God’s Will purpose and destiny.

He saw peculiar demons that were camouflaging, appearing and disappearing, It was hard to discern their mandate. Gini could not gather much, but he had a knowing that they were the most dangerous kind of demons to humanity.

Their strength and power lies in being unknown, hard to deal with, once they take human possession.They cause epileptic seizures and an epileptic life, they seize opportunities, jobs, finances, breakthroughs and destinies.

He encountered a demonic ancient dragon that was roaming around with other dragons confiscating prayers and blessings. The same kind of demon that held Daniel’s prayer in the book of Daniel 10 verse 12.

The Heavenly Angel that was sent with his blessings was fought and detained for twenty-one days by Prince (Principality) of Persia till the Arch Angel Michael came to his rescue and released Daniel’s blessing.

Gini realized that every event that happens on earth has corresponding activity in the spiritual realm. He was reminded of the word from the Bible, “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12).

Whilst he was still trying to comprehend and learn about the mystical creatures, a revoltingly morbid military dwarf demon approached him. He was ushered into a massive futuristic state of the art auditorium.

The auditorium was packed with human beings from every nation on earth of different races, classes and status.

On the left side of the auditorium were Prophets, Pastors, Apostles, Bishops, Priests, Preachers, Ushers and Elders from different churches around the globe.

On the right side of the auditorium were Occultists, Satanists, Witch-Doctors, Sorcerers, Wizards, Witches, Spirit mediums, Fortune- tellers, Psychics and Magicians.

In the middle were CEO’s, Corporate Executives, Doctors, Scientists, Business man, Inventors, Writers, Sports Champions, Actors, Influencers and Celebrities from all walks of fame.

They were dressed in red, black and white according to power and level. The higher the level, the more power and control they possessed.The high-level ones were dressed in red, medium level in black and lower level were in white gowns.

Whilst Gini was still trying to comprehend the dynamics of the audience, a quantifiable silence walked in. It seized everyone to frozen stillness, the silence was loud, it was a dimension on its own, made of cosmic symphony of strings, vibrating and humming at precise frequencies.

The deep oratory translation of the silence dominated the atmosphere, convinced everyone’s reason, compelled their judgment and controlled every action.

Seduced and subdued by the nefarious powerful force of silence, Gini clung to the remnant of a bygone life trying to escape its captivity.

Wait till you hear what happened in the auditorium!

Extracted from the Novel, Empty Tomb, written by Rudo Muzondo

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