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ZACC targets assets of ex-Cottco bosses implicated in US$5 million corruption

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) plans to seize the properties of former Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (Cottco) executives Pious Manamike and Maxmore Njanji, who are accused of defrauding the parastatal of more than US$5 million.

Manamike, Njanji, and co-accused Zanu PF legislator for Gokwe-Nembudziya Justice Mayor Wadyajena were released from remand in February after a Harare magistrate dismissed their fraud and money laundering charges, citing the State’s failure to prosecute them six months after their arrest.

Despite ZACC citing overwhelming evidence implicating Manamike, Njanji, and Wadyajena, the case collapsed under controversial circumstances that sparked public outrage and raised concerns about the NPA’s competence in high-profile cases.

Leaked ZACC minutes obtained exclusively by Nehanda Radio revealed that ZACC was planning to seize trucks from Njanji and Manamike on the grounds that the duo had corruptly concealed a personal interest in a transaction from a principal, as defined in Section 173 of the Criminal Law.

According to ZACC, the duo allegedly acquired properties using proceeds of crime as a result of the criminal act.

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“Allegations are that Maxmore Njanji the former Head of Marketing Operations, Cottco is being accused of corruptly concealing from a Principal a personal interest from a principal in a transaction. He is the CEO of Chita One Logistics.

“The subject has been charged for contravening section 173 of the Code. An application for Stay of Execution filed by the Respondents legal practitioners had been dismissed by the High Court.

“The execution of the Property Seizure Order is on-going. The Respondents Trucks are being pursued, as yet ZINARA has red flagged all the trucks on toll-gates,” read part of the leaked ZACC minutes.

According to Nehanda Radio’s investigations, ZACC has now seized at least six trucks belonging to Manamike, which have been relocated to the RBZ sports club in Marlborough, Harare, and are being managed by the Asset Management Unit.

The seized trucks could provide new evidence supporting Manamike and Njanji’s $5 million fraud and money laundering allegations.

Prior to ZACC targeting the duo, Njaji, now Zanu PF’s aspiring candidate for Mazowe Central constituency, was accused of abusing his position as a Cottco boss to score political points.

Njanji distributed a total of 2,200 Knapsack sprayers to 120 members of each 18 Zanu PF political districts in Mazowe Central to cement support to bag the Zanu PF primaries.

Njanji also distributed 300 bicycles and 20 motorbikes from Cottco to support his campaign.

Investigations unearthed that the donations used to fund Njanji’s campaign trail were not approved by the board and were in violation of the Public Finance Act.

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