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MDC-T implodes as members dump Mwonzora over “poor leadership”

Douglas Mwonzora’s MDC-T party is constantly crumbling into what it’s chairman Morgen Komichi called “death” following its defeat in the just ended by-election.

MDC-T did not win anything during the last plebiscite. A newly formed political party, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), won 19 seats out of 28 in Parliament. Zanu-PF won 9 seats.

Komichi last week admitted their party “has been rejected by the people”.

“Pakaoma hatina haaa party yedu yakarambwa nevanhu. Hameno but the truth of the matter is that people rejected the MDC-T. Kwavati MDC is not a worthy party. It is just a puppet of Zanu-PF. We can be subjective but the truth of the matter is, people rejected us,” Komichi said in a conversation with an unidentified party supporter.

“This is the same party once led by Tsvangirai, performing well. The same party was once led by Nelson Chamisa. But now people are no longer taking it as a political party.”

Fungai Chiposi (Picture via Open Parly)
Fungai Chiposi (Picture via Open Parly)

Another party member, Fungai Chiposi who failed to grab Kambuzuma Constituency won by CCC’s Willias Madzimure has now quit the party.

“On 1 April 2022, the MDC-T barred me from entering into MRT House to participate in a National Council meeting,” Chiposi posted in a party WhatsApp group.

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“In the evening of the same day, I was removed from all official Harare Province groups. The same happened to me when the MDC-T removed me from a technical information post in December 2021.

“Notably, neither then nor now have I received any explanation of why the party took these drastic actions.

“I however accept the decision of the MDC-T to expel me from the party, as expressed in those actions and am therefore no longer a member of the MDC-T.

“I wish the party and all its members a prosperous and victorious future,” Chiposi wrote.

Zivai Mhetu
Zivai Mhetu

MDC-T Harare Province chairman Zivai Mhetu was last Friday blocked from attending the party’s national standing committee meeting after claiming that Mwonzora was responsible for the party’s poor performance in the election.

Mhetu wrote a letter notifying Mwonzora that a motion to expel him was afoot.

“Douglas T. Mwonzora you are being notified that a motion for your expulsion from the MDC T shall be moved and sought under section 5.11 of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC T) constitution in that Membership in the party is averse and detrimental to the party’s interests on the following grounds:

“Lack of good leadership qualities in that you performed dismally by failing to steer the party into winning even a single election in the just ended by-elections.

“Your office was responsible for mobilising and selling to the general public but you adopted unpopular policies and failed to therefore garner support for the party. As a result of the poor performances of the party, the party is now being held in contempt and ridicule by the electorate.” Nehanda Radio