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Lamborghini driving Wadyajena fails to complete road after winning dodgy tender

Nearly three years after hitting the headlines for buying a US$410 000 Lamborghini supercar, Zanu PF MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena is in the news again after it was exposed that his company, Mayor Contracting, failed to complete building the Golden Valley to Sanyati Road, after winning the tender in dodgy circumstances.

Government engineers have urged the Ministry of Transport to terminate the road construction contract it entered with Wadyajena’s company for failing to deliver targets.

Engineers recommended that a notice of contract determination be served to the company with regards to the contract Number MOTID/ERRP2/28/2021- Golden Valley Sanyati Road Construction.

Justice Mayor Wadyajena showing off his Lamborghini Urus
Justice Mayor Wadyajena showing off his Lamborghini Urus

On January 3, 2022, the Ministry of Transport notified Mayor Contracting of its intention to terminate the contract accusing the company of failing to fulfill the terms.

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“In light of the above and the fact that the approved project completion contractual time lapsed on the 14th of December 2021, the Project Engineer hereby issues the contractor a letter of intent to terminate the contract in terms of Clause 65 of ZGCC 4 (1984) as stated in Clause 17 of the Contract Agreement,” said an Engineer whose name is cited at S Gomo (Simbarashe Gomo).

Wadyajena’s company admitted failing to finish the project within the stipulated time. It, however, blamed the effects of Covid-19 pandemic and poor equipment. The company pleaded for an extension of the days to complete the requirements of the contract.

Mayor Contacting was supposed to have finished the task by 14th of December 2021 but only done 25% of the work.

“We acknowledge our failure to finish all the works on the intended date of the 28 of December 2021 due to some factors which were beyond our control.

“In the latter days of November 2021 most of our working personnel were affected by the prevailing Corona virus and we had several positive cases therefore all who had been in contact had to go into self-quarantine in their respective homes to prevent any further spread of the virus within the camp.

“The other issue involved equipment breakdowns and with our Diesel Plant Fitter being one of those sent home for self isolation, repairing of the equipment even for minor faults was now taking considerable time to fix as we no longer had a resident DPF on site and relied on recalls from other sites.

“We have since acquired the services of two more diesel plant fitters and an auto mechanic who are already on site and about to finish the servicing of all our equipment.

Justice Mayor Wadyajena arriving at Parliament in a Jaguar XJ
Justice Mayor Wadyajena arriving at Parliament in a Jaguar XJ

The Ministry engineers remained defiant. On January 17, they recommended it to go ahead and terminate the contract.

“The Project Engineer acting in terms of Clause 65 (1) (e) of the ZGCC4 (1984) hereby writes to the Employer certifying that the contractor, Mayor Contracting (Pvt) Ltd contracted to carry out the above-mentioned contract has failed to perform according to the conditions of contract.

It is the opinion of the Project Engineer that the contractor is unable to execute the works in accordance to the approved programme of works.

“Find attached the notice of contract determination written to the contractor and response thereto which the Project Engineer has studied and reached a conclusion that the contractor is unable to execute the works. Furthermore, the contractor has not yet furnished the Client with requisite performance bonds and insurances required for contract signing.

“We recommend that the Employer proceed with contract determination,” engineer Gomo said in a letter copied to Chief Director of Roads.

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono who exposed the documents said the controversial company “had only done 25% of the work showing that it had NO capacity to do the work.”

He added: “This is why I have always said Zanu-PF took road responsibilities from opposition controlled councils in order to loot public funds!

“The tenders are given to Zanu-PF crooks who fail to do the job that is why Zimbabwe’s roads are in a dangerous state costing thousands of lives!” Nehanda Radio