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Outrage as NetOne announces shocking data prices: 25GB now US$373

The state run mobile network operator NetOne has announced shocking new prices for mobile data with its 10GB package now higher than a teacher’s salary in Zimbabwe.

The cheapest One-Fi package which is 10 gigabytes is now going for ZWL16250 while the most expensive which is 80 gigabytes now costs ZWL99 000.

Using the government’s official exchange rate of US$1:ZWL124.0189), NetOne’s USD prices are as follows:10GB = US$131, 25GB = US$328, 50GB = US$656, 100GB = US$798.

According to a TECHZIM article titled “$99,000 for 80 GB?! NetOne’s new data prices (February 2022)” it might be best to switch to ZOL’s Wibroniks or Telco’s Wi-Max for cheaper network.

“The headline figure there is ZWL$99,000 for 80 GB, which is a crazy increase from the ZWL$12,500 that was gazetted in December 2021.

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“However, the lower cap of 10GB for ZWL$16,250 is probably going to hit harder than most because the entry-level bundle has gone up by more than three and a half times.

“At these sorts of prices, it might be best to switch to ZOL’s Wibroniks or Telco’s Wi-Max if you are using these bundles for work or school.

“The initial cost of the investment (for equipment and installation) might be expensive but at the moment it’s probably not worth paying ZWL$99,000 for 80GB when you can get 100GB on ZOL’s Wibroniks for ZWL$12,790 or Small Office uncapped for ZWL$47,088,” TechZim said.

Businessman Kuda Musasiwa asked: “Seriously NetOne using Bank Rate, it’s now US$373 USD for 25GGB of data?? Even using black market, US$200?? Ityayi mwari please.”

One Twitter user, Nyaradzo Nyari Mashayamombe fumed noting that teachers are getting way below the price of NetOne’s 10GB.

“NetOne this is unacceptable! Mnangagwa this is how detached from reality looks like. How much are teachers getting paid for data to be this expensive? They went up again days ago,” Mashayamombe said.

Journalist Thandiwe Garusa said the revised NetOne data prices were meant to censor and manipulate information on social media to reduce the spread of democratic views. Nehanda Radio