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Zanu PF UK district expels Eric Knight as he declares support for CCC

Former ZBC presenter Eric Knight has been expelled by the Zanu PF United Kingdom (UK) District following his decision to support Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party.

The broadcaster contested the 2013 elections on an MDC-T ticket and lost his bid for the Mbare parliamentary seat to Zanu-PF’s Tendai Savanhu.

He made a stunning political somersault and joined the ruling party in 2018 while in the UK.

Former ZBC presenter Eric Knight
Former ZBC presenter Eric Knight

In a letter addressed to him by Zanu-PF, dated February 17, the party said Knight was no longer a member following a Facebook post in which he declared his support for the CCC.

“Your attention is drawn to your Facebook post on 15th February 2022. The Zanu PF Party UK District respect your democratic choice, shifting allegiance and loyalty to the CCC as enshrined under Sections 58(1)(2) and (67)(1)(2) of Zimbabwe Constitution 2013,” read the letter which cited Zanu-PF political commissar Mike Bimha.

“Please be advised that in accordance with the Zanu PF Party Constitution Article 10, Section 80(5) any member who willingly joins and/ or support another political party has automatically expelled himself or herself from the party and ceases forthwith to be a bona fide member.

“As such your membership to Zanu PF UK District has ceased immediately by operation of law.”

The Zanu-PF decision was reached after Knight posted on Facebook on Tuesday urging his followers to vote for CCC in the upcoming 2023 elections.

“Advocate General Eric Knight says…Dzimwe dzangove nharo/Okunye sekuyinkani nje.

“The country needs new leadership, new ideas, a new team with a new mindset. Even your own children know that!

“I was one of the people who insisted you be given a chance to prove yourselves. We have given you a chance to show how you would be different to Igwe’s dispensation. (RIP Igwe) but the difference is the same, and you can’t complain.

“You said all the good things when you came but those were just songs. Your best is just not good enough. Why should you be voted for again?” Knight asked.

“Okay, can you honestly tell me which ministry you can boldly say you are proud of as a government…
Ministry of Health? Ministry of Education? Ministry of Energy?
Ministry of Transport? Ministry of Finance? Ministry of Local Government & Housing? Ministry of Mines?
Ministry of Industry & Commerce?
Ministry of Home Affairs?
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Services? Ministry of Sports?

I randomly picked Just a few.. can I go on!? Ityai Mwari Vadhara imi/Zvakwana. It’s about citizens! 2023 All citizens vote wisely!” Knight wrote. Nehanda Radio